Daily Appointment Calendar Template

2020 Daily Appointment Calendar Template

Daily Appointment Calendar Template

Searching for daily calendar templates 2020? We’ve got you covered here at ExcelTemplates.com! All of our templates are fully customized so you can get as creative or simple as you’d like. Get started by viewing available calendar templates for Excel, and selecting which Excel calendar template you like best for your calendar spreadsheet needs. You can change the colors, theme and design of this template. Or strip the design and make this a blank calendar template. The choice is yours! Looking for printable calendar templates? All of our Excel spreadsheet templates can be a printable calendar, simply by opening the software and ‘printing’ the document, rather than working from Excel.

How To Use the Daily Appointment Calendar Template:

Get started by clicking the download button. Then, save the file under your desired file name. Open the file, and choose the date range in the top right to today, or the selected date range you wish to work in. Want to add events ahead of time? Select a future date, input into the correct cell (by time), be sure to hit ‘Enter’ when finished typing, and you’re good to go! Change the time intervals of appointments, depending on what you need. Ranges of 5 minutes, the average of 15 minutes, or full hour time slots. Change this anytime! But keep in mind changes will reflect throughout the spreadsheet. You can also choose each week’s start day, if you prefer Sunday start over Monday start.

Want to show off your creative side? An easy way to change the overall theme to be your favorite colors or aligned with the seasons or upcoming holidays, is by opening Excel, selecting ‘Page Layout’ and selecting ‘Themes’ in the left hand corner. This is an easy and fast way to overhaul the design without worrying about breaking any of the functions to the 2020 calendar spreadsheet.

Tips for Using the Daily Appointment Calendar Template

2020 calendars can be expensive when purchased in stores. Are you looking for a printable calendar template? A blank calendar template? Online calendar sources are still for you! Simply take any of our templates and print them out, to hang up on the fridge or bulletin board. Want to access your daily appointment calendar templates online, from any device? Get setup with Google Sheets! It’s simple, free, and easy to use. Simply open a new spreadsheet, and select ‘File’, ‘Open’, and select the calendar 2020 template from your computer files and upload it. Voila! An online calendar that updates every minute! Never miss an appointment again, because you left your notebook or planner at home. Even if you forget your laptop, you can access your calendar anywhere, just log into your G Suite account. The best part about calendar templates? They are always 100% free!