Billing Statement Excel Template

People who start a business do so for various reasons. But, billing is not one of them. That is why we created our Billing Statement Excel Template to hopefully make this process easier.

Some are simply following through on what they’ve always believed, that they were meant to be entrepreneurs. Others start a small business because they want to work for themselves. Then there are those hit by a stroke of genius and decided to establish their own business to see for themselves if it would work.

People who took the entrepreneurial leap have their respective tales to tell about their foray into the world of business. Many will tell stories of success, while others will probably lament their failures. However, if you ask them how they felt about being at the helm of a business, they will likely agree that there’s nothing in the world like it.

There are countless reasons why being an entrepreneur is great. As mentioned above, you would be working for yourself, which means you would be your own boss. The money is also better, although several factors need to come together to make that a reality. As an entrepreneur, you would also be helping people by giving them jobs. Then there’s the flexible schedule which gives you more time to spend with your loved ones, especially during recitals and other family occasions that matter most.

Of course, few things feel better than being able to say that you own a company, especially one that you’ve worked so hard to build on minimal startup capital and grow over the years.

For all the great things about being an entrepreneur, there are things about it that business owners aren’t too keen on doing.

For example, many business owners hate having to fire people, even when their performance or actions warrant it. Causing someone to lose their livelihood always leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but it’s something that has to be done, regardless of how you feel about it.

Another thing that a typical business owner isn’t too thrilled to do would be creating and sending out billing statements. To call the task too tedious would be an understatement. However, somebody has to do it. If you’re an independent business owner running a small operation, there is a very high likelihood that you will have to prepare and do the billings yourself.

Preparing billing statements doesn’t have to be that taxing. As long as you use tools like our billing statement template, you’ll have a much easier time reminding customers of their total balance owed for transactions made during a specific billing period.

Using The Free Billing Statement Template Excel

Some entrepreneurs resort to forking over money for small business billing software to help them with their billing statement preparation. While that would be great, keep in mind that you have other options that won’t cost you that much. As a matter of fact, our billing statement template is a tool you can download for free from this site.

Compared to small business billing software, our billing statement template may not have much in the way of features, but it’s good enough as an alternative that will serve your billing statement generation needs. You can use it to keep track of not only the balance of a customer account but also invoices and payments.

Take a closer look at the template and you’ll see that it has pretty much everything you need. You won’t even need to know how to make a billing statement in Excel from scratch. All you need to do is use it straight away after downloading it.

If you need to record the invoice number, the template has a column where you can do it. There’s also a column for recording payments your customer has made. And if you want your billing statement to reflect charges, credits, debts, fees, and other figures, the template has a generic amount column that will help doing that so much more convenient.

While any small business can make good use of this template, it would be absolutely perfect for you if your business is one that expects to receive regular payments from a customer, like renting out real estate properties.

For all its challenges, owning and running a business will always be fulfilling. Download the billing statement template, and you can make your life as an entrepreneur a bit easier than usual.