Time Sheet Template

Timesheet Template

A time sheet template provides an easy solution to issues that can affect both small and large businesses. In fact, a time sheet template spreadsheet has many benefits that can help with managing your projects. For instance, a time sheet template Excel can help improve employee productivity, identify the amount of time required for all tasks, establish the cost of a project, and know when there will be delays.

In addition, a time sheet template spreadsheet is a quick and simple way to make a significant change on how your business runs.

Simple to Download

Whether you need a timesheet to report hours worked or something to keep track of exact times, a time sheet template Excel is the perfect solution for time management. In addition, timesheet templates can be used for personal use or privately shared with your employees on certain platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and many others. In addition, the time sheet template can be modified to fit your needs.

Timesheet template spreadsheets are very simple to download. In fact, free timesheet templates can be downloaded and customized for MS Excel, Google Sheets, SmartSheet, Intellimas, Office 365, and other spreadsheet programs.

What is more, the time sheet templates can easily print blank forms for your employees to use.

How to Use Time Sheet Templates

Timesheet templates are actually quite simple to use for any type of business. After you download the template, simply utilize a few guidelines such as

  • Customize your timesheet template spreadsheet with your company’s name, pay rate information, and a fill-in space for employee’s name
  • Email, print, use a cloud platform like Dropbox or Google Drive, or share the file with your employees
  • Every work shift, have your employees type in or write their hours into the timesheet
  • Submit the timesheet according to your pay periods such as weekly or biweekly
  • Develop a protocol for recording and reporting completed time sheets such as having your employees enter the start and finish times, and signing the time sheet at the end of a pay period

Tip: One of the best ways to send a completed timesheet to a boss or manager is to save the document as a PDF file. PDF files have an option for editing and locking the edit preference so that nothing can be changed.

How to Use Timesheet Templates Online

There are various online platforms you can use if printing your timesheet templates is not the best solution. For instance, One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive can be used to share files with employees or subcontractors. In fact, utilizing online solutions for tracking has many benefits such as

  • Employees are able to work remotely
  • Time sheets are easily accessible for everyone
  • Your payroll process is more streamlined, manageable, and cost effective
  • Electronic timesheets manages all time and pay configurations if formatted properly

To use timesheet templates online, there are just a few basic procedures for being successful like

  • Put the time sheet in a privately shared network created just for your company
  • Share the file with your employees or subcontractors
  • Have your workers update the spreadsheet throughout the week
  • With each payroll, save and print a copy of the completed timesheets

Tip: It is against copyright laws to share the template publicly or add a copy to a public template gallery. However, sharing with an employee is permitted.

Customizing Time Sheets

Time sheets can easily be customized to fit your business needs. For instance, you can use the basic timesheet templates and customize it for special tasks and business needs like

  • Payroll records
  • Weekly time sheets
  • Bi-weekly time sheets
  • Time sheets with breaks
  • Weekly time card per project

Incredible Features

Timesheet templates have enormous features that can be utilized to fit the needs of your business. In fact, a time sheet template Excel has the key items for keeping track of your employee’s time, projects, and more. For example, some of the key column headers include Timestamp and Date, Time In and Time Out, Hourly Wages, and Total Wages.

A weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly time sheet can have numerous features like day, date, In Time, Out Time, Break Hours, Regular Hours, OT Hours, and Total Pay. Moreover, the time sheet has a built-in calculator that can total the hours, pay, and so forth with totals and column tabulations at the bottom of the sheet.

You can also use the time card for tracking certain projects. The template is for businesses that have more freelancers or sub-contractors rather than hourly employees. Employees or contractors can easily submit time cards that will include total costs. For instance, a project oriented time card can include regular hours, personal leave, sick leave, holiday, and vacation. At the bottom of the spreadsheet there is a helpful summary for each column and category. You can also customize the spreadsheet to include an employee and supervisor signature or sign-off.

In addition, this template can be printed for hard copy records. Or if you prefer, you can use a preferred platform for digital signatures.


Whether you’ve been in business for many years or you just launched your first enterprise, timesheet templates are a great tool for any business or corporation. In actuality, the benefits of using timesheet templates are countless.

Regardless of which timesheet templates you prefer, it will definitely save your company a lot of time and money.