T-Shirt Order Form Template

Tshirt Order Form

T-Shirt Order Form Template

T-shirts are great at bringing people together, strengthening groups and communities, and fundraising. Selling T-shirts on the internet has become a common practice. Both individual entrepreneurs and global organizations are always looking for a way to promote themselves and boost the public’s awareness of them. But does the same potential for business exist offline?

Across a wide range of commerce, there are situations where directing entities who want to make donations or investments to a t-shirt order form online might not be the best method.

If you’re selling t-shirts without the internet, you’ll benefit from adopting an order form to keep track of orders. With these orders fulfilled, you can make bulk orders of shirts, which helps you save money and get orders out quickly.

Before you get to work on the template, you will need a clear process for keeping your orders organized. The method should be easy to use so that users won’t have trouble making orders or receiving their goods. Nobody wants to waste a customer’s time.

Many important features should be kept in mind when creating your order form for t-shirts.

You’ll need the name of your supporter as well as information about how to contact them. This is crucial because you will be better off being able to reach out to supporters whenever something needs to be discussed – such as making sure that completed t-shirts are sent to the right people.

After doing business with an organization, you can follow up with details about upcoming events they might also want to be a part of.

Maintaining contact with your supporters is important when it comes to guaranteeing that orders are accurate. Having direct input from users helps you confirm that the size, color, etc. of the shirts are correct. The t-shirt order form template will have more than enough space for users to list the specifications they need for the shirts.

There’s also the question of quantity. The order form should have a section to address the number of shirts being ordered. Having a section to list the total quantity required is better than creating a new order form for every individual shirt, especially if a customer is making bulk orders.

Even though the order form needs to be thorough, it’s still important that there isn’t unnecessary clutter taking up space and confusing people. The faster all the required details are included, the faster orders can be shipped out.

Let’s take a moment to discuss your order form template’s features:


If you draft your order form in Microsoft Excel, your data will remain organized even when you’re offline. That way users can have everything prepared before they jump online to actually place an order.

Excel’s interface is handy for bigger campaigns such as those associated with schools. Anyone collecting t-shirt orders from entire classrooms full of students will enjoy being able to quickly and efficiently list information and details in the rows and columns of the spreadsheets. Transferring all this data to the t-shirt order template is a breeze. Beyond that, Excel is easy to edit if a mistake has been made, or if new relevant information becomes available.


One area where Excel’s format can run into trouble is printing. That’s why the PDF format might be more useful for some customers. The PDF format functions similarly to that of Excel (tables, grids) but users sometimes have more success downloading, converting, sharing, and/or printing PDF files than Excel files. The presentation once printed might be considered superior as well.

Whichever version of the t-shirt order form template you go with, make sure to have plenty of copies at hand so you can handle an influx of customers at any time.