Church Budget Template

Church Budget Template

Church Budget Template

The Church Budget Template: A Brief Guide For What You Can Expect

An Introduction To The Church Budget Template

A church budget is a basic roadmap to make spending and costs much easier. Now, according to many church staff members, they tend to take a “use it or lose it” stand on the money. They do that because they trust God to provide when it is necessary, and for the right amount.

Trusting God is a good perspective to keep. However, and, more importantly, God wants us to use our heads. He wants us to create a plan of action just in case. Many believe that God rewards effort. That is why many staff believe that creating a church budget is a proactive approach to prevent any mishaps that could come later.

That is why we have provided a small list below of some template features you can expect from a budget template. Keep in mind, that many of these come in PDF format. However, some tools allow you to combine other platforms like Excel and spreadsheets that help enhance your action plan.

1) A Proposed Ministry Budget

This does come with a PDf format, but you can combine it with your editing software. That allows you to take advantage of the Excel and spreadsheet programs. This feature comes in an easy-to-read and understands the format protocol.

Most pastors do not take the time to read up on the latest tech advancements with software programs and spreadsheets. They have a different reason for being there. Their goal is to serve God and help counsel the church members. The last thing they want to do is sit down and learn a computer software program.

That is what makes this feature so easy. You can plan your actions accordingly and create a budget that fits your church needs.


This feature(once again) comes in PDF format but can be combined with Excel. The donations feature is a great way to keep track of any monetary donations that come into the church.

You can use the Church budget template spreadsheet that is pre-installed to help monitor the activity more closely. The great thing about this feature is that it works with almost every editing software program you already have. The church budget template spreadsheet has additional options that allow you to incorporate anything, regardless of how simple or complex.

You can monitor who donates, when, and why.

The best part is this is not some one-size-fits-all option. You can view multiple options for your spreadsheet, and pick the one that fits the needs of the church the most.

3)Event Planning

Churches have different events throughout the year for different reasons. You need a template that can handle your event planning. Every event has a budget of its own. You need to keep track of how much you spend on each event and why.

It also helps you to see how you might have gone over budget in the past. That way you can make any necessary adjustments.

The other great benefit to the feature is that they work great with Apple devices or your traditional church budget template excel program. That means you do not have to buy additional software to meet the needs of the church. You can access your church budget template excel program through the Apple stores.

Technology has advanced to the point where the old can be combined with the new.

4)The Planning Budget

You will have your normal church expenditures along with your special spending costs.
The planning budget is there to meet your standard, every day needs. You plan out what you need money for and when for the year.

You can incorporate more complex spending into the template if you want or you can keep it separate.


You notice how your neighborhood church goes through renovations every so often. That is planned out with the construction church budget. This template is separate from the other spending you do.

It keeps track of everything for the renovations including the timeline, the costs, and anything else you need to include.

The Five Tips For Using A Church Budget Template And Sharing It With Google

Sometimes a budget has to be shared through an outside source( like Google). You might be using Google to create the budget, but you still need to share. Here are some tips to help.

1) You need to create a dialogue with everyone in the church, including outside the church if they need to be kept in the loop. Click the share button when you are ready. Do not forget to add all the names and addresses of those you wish to share the information by using the “CC” option.

2) Most churches have a person who is spending the money and saving it. Tag the saver and spender using a tag name. That way you will have more control over what is going out and coming in.

3) Your church probably has a co-budget chairperson. Whoever is creating the budget needs to send an email to that person once it is finished. Send them a message describing what is in the email and the attachments.

4) Online budgets are vulnerable at times. You might find that someone who is needed for the “cell communication” has been left off. People make mistakes.

What you do is go to the “data” portion in the toolbar. There will be an option of “protect sheets and ranges”. Click it. The bar lets you save everyone you wish to keep in the loop.

5) Add some visuals along with your budget you are creating. Visuals take away from the overall boredom of a budget spreadsheet, and they can get rather boring at times. You can use the conditional formatting option to create top-notch images.