Sales Forecasting Templates

Sales Forecasting Template

Sales forecasting templates

Living in this digital age, our computers are capable of storing everything important in our lives, personal and professional data, photos, documents, music, and videos just to name a few examples. This can make organizing things much easier, especially if you use the program excel which can be used for a multitude of things from crafting a meal planner for your busy family to working out a budget for your next business trip. Since Excel is meant to make your life easier instead of creating your own worksheets, you can save all that time and effort and use provided templates. Today you will be introduced to sales forecast templates that anyone can use.

How to Use
Sales forecasting templates excel are very easy to use and can be downloaded for free. Simply choose the template you are interested in then click it. When prompted you can either save the template or print it.

More specifically, as mentioned earlier, when it comes to sales forecasting templates excel and sales forecasting template spreadsheets, everyone can easily use it and provide forecasts of future sales of products. You can also use these templates to collect data, including but not limited to economic trends, sales information history, and comparisons within your industry. First enter the year, the product and the unit type in the provided lines. Following that add the number of units that have been sold and the price per unit. Excel will then use its built-in formula to calculate the monthly sales and percentage.

Features Included in this Template
The sales forecast can be customized to cover any time increment from various times, from daily sales to monthly or even yearly. You can also customize these sales forecasting templates based on the sales forecast time you want to record. Some of the specific sales forecasting types are; deal-based sales, opportunity-based sales, e-commerce sales forecasting and retail sales forecasting.

Deal-based sales forecasting which entails probability, deal stage, and size. When customizing your sales forecasting template or sales forecasting template spreadsheet, for this type you want to first enter the company name involved, the company’s contact information that is related to each deal, select the stage of the deal, as well as adding the deal size. Once you have entered all this information Excel’s built-in formulas will process it and provide you with the weighted forecast and probability. The template also allows you to select the expected completion date of the transaction, assign sales representatives and specify the details required to take further action.

Opportunity-based sales forecasting which will provide you with a weighted forecast for opportunities based on the likelihood of the sale. Then add the sales category, opportunity name, region, sales agent and the sales phase. Next, to add should be the probability for each opportunity and the forecasted amount. Based on the figures you entered; Excel will automatically calculate the weighted forecast using the pre-established formula and display the visual effect of the sales forecast on the Forecast Chart tab and forecast totals.

E-commerce sales forecasting templates can be customized to project future income for an e-commerce business across a five-year period. First, enter the marketing budget at the top of the template. Next, enter the conversion rate, average order value, organic visits, and any other revenue. Upon entering said values Excel’s built-in formulas will auto-calculate the total revenue, sales, paid and organic visits.

Retail sales forecasting customized templates project the total annual revenue for five years. Initially, enter the percentage of customers who enter the store and make a purchase, estimated daily footfall, average sale value, and other sources of revenue. After entering these values, Excel will use pre-established formulas to calculate your total revenue, the total number of customers and sales.

This means these templates can be used for big or small businesses, from quaint bed and breakfasts to lavish hotels, charming little shops, and vast warehouse sales. No matter the size of your business, using these sales forecasting templates is sure to help you with estimating future sales, which can, in turn, provide the key insight needed to make your company that much more successful and productive.

Optional Tips
Add a budget or any number of budgets to your sales forecasting template spreadsheet, which may involve office expenses, wages and operating costs to match your sales forecast and profit forecast. When using this type of template to budget or forecast profits and sales, it will forecast the company’s planned expenses, such as overhead, insurance, wages, and advertising, and forecast monthly sales. Then, the average sale per customer, average cost per sale and the estimated number of customers can be added. Once you have entered all the additional information, the pre-built in formulas will calculate the gross profit, net profit, total expenses, and total sales.