Weekly Sales Report Template

Weekly Sales Report Template

Weekly Sales Report Template Excel

The life of a salesman can be difficult. It requires a special set of skills and without the skills, it is all but impossible to really succeed. Why would anyone want to make it even harder on themselves by not keeping track of the things that they have control over? This is the key to achieving mastery over sales. While most people know that this is inherently true many do not follow its wisdom. The biggest reason is that they have no organization or systematic process to undertake this task. That’s why the weekly sales report template spreadsheet can help you to upgrade your sales force and increase the profitability of your company. It lays out an incredibly easy process for understanding the order flow, where you are strong, and what areas need improvement so that you can target specifically what needs the most work and approach. This is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will allow you to keep track of every variable of sales performance throughout the week with ease. Let’s take a look at exactly how to use this incredible tool.

How to Use Weekly Sales Template Excel

Before we begin, let’s go ahead and make sure we have everything that we need in order to make use of this file. You are going to need a computer or some other device that is capable of running the software Microsoft Excel. Make sure that you have the program installed on the computer and then click on its icon to open it up. At the same time, you can begin to download the file from the website by simply clicking on download. Once it has finished downloading open it up using Microsoft Excel.

Once the file has finished loading into Microsoft Excel we can begin to work on your weekly sales report activity. Let’s take a closer look at what kind of information you will be entering into the spreadsheet. You will see on the far left-hand column the cell which has the word dates. In this column you will write down each day of the week and what the date was on that day. This is where you keep track of the time that sales are being made throughout the week so you can reference it easily in the future without the hassle of going through receipts.
You will see in the next column the words inside sales. For this, you will be entering the information that regards to the total quantity of sales made in-house. You need to make sure that you have a record of which of the week all of your sales are made. It will probably be easiest to enter in the information as you go throughout the week rather than waiting until the very end so that you can avoid having to comb through a mountain of receipts every Friday. Once that has been completed you can then enter the information. At the very bottom, a place where you can tally up with the total for the week was.
The next part of the spreadsheet will be dedicated to outside sales. Pete the same exact process that you did for inside sales however this time you will be entering information from all sales that were made outside of the office. Again once you are at the bottom tally of the total for each of the weeks and enter it here.
Now if you take a quick look below the total rose you will see two words goal and variance. This is where you were going to put the information about what your intended sales target was for each day and then how far you either fell short or exceeded that target.

Now we can finish up the final details. Have any additional comments or notes that you would like to add now is the time to do it. These will serve to help you in the future if you ever need to remember the specific details instead of just having vague numbers.

Once you have completed this it is time to save the excel sheet. You can do this one of two ways. You can click in the upper left-hand corner of your screen and click the file menu button. This will open a drop-down menu and from there you will see a list of options. Look down this list of options and you will see two items. One will say save and the other will say save as. The first will simply save the document while the latter allows you to add a title.

After you have completed the last step it is now finally time to print. What you will do is go to the same drop-down menu named file on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This time instead of clicking on save this time you will click on print. Now from here let’s take a quick look at the print preview before doing anything nasty. It would be a waste of paper to print out the spreadsheet and not have it fit entirely on the paper. If you have any problems you can alter some of the print settings to fit the spreadsheet properly. Finally, you can click print.

Additional Tips on How to Use Weekly Sales Report Template Excel

It is amazing how using a weekly sales report template spreadsheet can lead to such massive boosts to team morale and ultimately your bottom line. While the weekly sales report template is certainly a great idea it is not necessarily designed to be perfect for your specific situation. Luckily it is quite easy to modify the weekly sales report template spreadsheet using the Microsoft Excel software. If you need any if you have the need for additional rows or columns for more categories or dates the. Simply click the right mouse button and the corresponding command option to create the row or columns. You can also alter stylistic choices. In this way using this software will allow you to customize it to fit your exact needs. There is no better architect for your future and the future of your sales team than yourself. Also, you can break this down to be employee specific and then have the employees enter the data themselves through the week. This has. The dual benefit of motivating them and saving you time as well. As the employees see the numbers it will show them their progress. It is easier to work harder when you can see something to remind you of your results every day. All this thanks to the weekly sales report template.