Asset Tracking Template

Creating a Unique Asset Tracking Template

You may be asking yourself what is the purpose of a template? A template helps you to organize the assets that you have in a way that is legible and understandable with ease. Should you have many assets in your possession, you may want to create a written document that outlines which assets you have and different characteristics of these assets. We will discuss this in more detail below.

Mapping Out Your Assets 

One of the most effective ways to outline your assets is by using an Excel spreadsheet. The first preliminary step that you must make in order to fill out the asset template is developing the names of each of your assets. You need to know which assets you have currently in your possession.

Your assets should be titled with a name that is easy to understand and helps you to quickly recognize which asset is being referred to. For example, should you have jewelry as an asset then you would title this asset by metallic composition in which jewels are contained in the asset. Coming up with easily recognizable name for your assets will help you in organizing your spreadsheet.

Understanding the Value of Your Assets 

It is important that you understand how much each of your assets are worth. There will be a portion of the spreadsheet that is specifically designed in order to fill out how much the asset at hand is valued at. You may find it necessary to hire the services of an appraiser in order to properly estimate the value of your assets.

Appraisers our professionals in the field of determining the value of assets. They can assist you in understanding how much your assets are worth, respectively to each individual asset. Once you know the monetary value of each of your assets, you may fill out the portions of the spreadsheet corresponding to monetary value.

You will want to write down or type in the monetary value for each asset. Should it be an estimate, you may type in a range rather than an exact number. This well help you to keep track of how much each of your assets worth.

Detailed Descriptions 

You may find that you want to contain more detailed descriptions in your asset template than just a simple one or two word title. For example, if one of your assets is a car then you may want to include the exact make and model of the car, as well as any additional features that are notable. There should be an adequate amount of space to fill out this information on your asset spreadsheet.

Ownership History 

You may find it useful to include a bit about the ownership history of your asset in the spreadsheet itself. This may help the reader to better understand the value of the asset and its story. You may include details such as when the asset changed hands in terms of ownership and any shifts in location due to the change.

For example, if you are writing down the details of a vehicle asset, you may include information about when the vehicle was sold by an owner in New Jersey to an owner in Pittsburgh and that it was shipped from New Jersey to Pittsburgh. This will help to offer more in depth detail about your asset tracking template Excel.

Collapsible Elements and Fields in Excel 

Excel is an ideal platform to use for this specific type of template because the fields in Excel are actually collapsible. You are able to fit a broad range of information within a very small cell. In order to view the full extent of this information, you have only to click on the field and select all of the text within that particular cell of your asset inventory template.

This feature allows you to fit a grand amount of information into a relatively small cell. It keeps the spreadsheet looking organized, while offering an abundance of information to the reader. This is by far one of the best perks that Excel spreadsheets have to offer as an asset tracking template Excel.

Alphabetizing Your Excel Spreadsheet Elements 

Your assets should be organized by alphabetizing the names of the assets. This is by far the most professional and most organized method of ranking your assets. This will make it easy for you to look up information on your asset inventory template about each of your assets, as the information will be carefully organized in terms of alphabetical order.

Alphabetizing is the standard form of organization in all business matters and office workplaces. This type of organization shows professionalism on the part of the one who creates the document. It is easy to use and easy to organize. This way, you can pull up information about an individual asset with complete and total ease.

Asset Tracking Template: A Useful Tool for Staying Organized 

Overall, this asset tracking template is a wonderful tool for staying organized. You are able to organize your assets in alphabetical order. Each cell in this Excel spreadsheet template can be expanded so that you can write in detail about the qualities of your asset. You may include details such as changes in location and changes in value.

You will want to ensure that you have given each asset a title that corresponds to its characteristics. The asset title should be easily recognizable and automatically correspond to the asset it is naming. You will also include information about the monetary value of each asset. 

It is important that the overall descriptions of these assets are in detail. You should not hold back from offering detailed descriptions, as each cell is expandable and can contain an abundant amount of information when expanded upon. You don’t have to worry about not having enough room to write your description.

You are likely to find that the overall gym quality of your life in terms of managing your assets is improved by using the template in order to organize your asset information into a spreadsheet. You will worry less about the well-being of your assets and will also have an overall sense of organization. You are likely to reference your spreadsheet multiple times throughout the year in order to check on the status of different assets that you own.

When you sell one of your assets, you will want to update this information in your Excel spreadsheet. additionally, when you purchase an asset you will want to update this information in the Excel spreadsheet, as well. In this way, you will enjoy keeping organized.