Equipment sign out sheet


Equipment sign out sheets are common in businesses, schools, and homes to help people keep track of the assets and equipment of the organization. Equipment and material managers rely heavily on this tool to monitor the movement of assets within an organization.

Features of a sign out sheet

If you are a manager in an IT facility or any other type of organization, and in charge of the assets and equipments, ensure that the sign out sheet has the following important information:

Equipment details

The sign out form should have all relevant details of the equipment such as the barcode, serial number of the item, and any accessories associated with the item.

The purpose of the item should also be on the sign out form to help the management with future purchases.

Employee details

Make sure that you include on the equipment sign out sheet the details of the employee checking out the item. Indicate the full names, contact details, employee number, and signature on the form. The information will confirm usage of the equipment by the employee and will help avoid any issues related to the equipment.


When anyone checks out an item from the organization, ensure that you include the exact date and time on the form. This will help the management know which equipments are on site and whether they are enough. When a staff member returns an item, indicate the return date too on the form.

Proof of condition

To avoid any altercations with the employees, ensure you have proof of condition of the item before they sign it out. If possible, take photos of the equipment before checkout and highlight any problems it may have. Upon return of the item, inspect it and ensure it has no damage. If you find equipment is faulty when returned, the proof of condition will help determine who is responsible for it.


Before you issue out important company assets, make sure the employees sign the usage agreement to show that they comply with the rules and regulation of the Company’s asset usage policy. This usage agreement sector is important and should be on the checkout form.

As an assets and equipment manager, you should prepare the sign out sheets for equipments like electronics (laptops, smart phones, tablets, and desktops), machinery, tools (measurement devices and power tools), wearables (personal protective equipment, uniforms, and safety gear like gloves, helmets and protective glasses), and many other items within the organization.

A great equipment sign out sheet template will help the management to:

  • Monitor the physical state of its assets.
  • Keep track of the location of the organization’s assets and equipment at any given time.
  • Reduce costs of repair and maintenance of equipment because employees will take care of the company’s assets or else be liable to the costs of damage.
  • Hold employees accountable for their assets and encourage them to be responsible in handling the resources of the company.
  • Monitor the maximum utility of the equipment by keeping track of the rate of their usage.

Thanks to technology, the process of checking out equipment is easier than ever. Instead of relying on paperwork for the sign out process, you can create an equipment sign out sheet template using Excel. Your employees will no longer leave piles of paperwork on your desk and the sign out procedure does not have to take hours anymore.

How to create a sign out sheet

You can create a sign out template on Excel by simply following the simple steps:

  1. Go to Microsoft Excel on your computer.
  2. Open the Menu and select New.
  3. Click on the Blank section to create a new worksheet.
  4. Create rows and columns according to the information that you will include in the equipment sign out sheet excel. Include rows for the following sections: date, equipment description, employees’ details, details of the manager overseeing the checking out of the equipment, the signature section, the “I Agree” section to ensure the employee is liable and accountable to the asset, and a section for any other information that the organization may require to be present.

How to use a sign out sheet

 The staff members can check out the equipment from their tablets or smartphones using the equipment sign out sheet excel in the following way:

  • Go to the equipment sign out section using Excel
  • Indicate the current date of when they are signing out the item.
  • Write the description of the item: its name, function, and department from which it belongs.
  • Indicate their name and contact details so that the company can know who is in charge and accountable of the item when it is not within the premises of the organization.
  • Write the name of the officer in charge of signing out the equipment -An efficient sign out form must include the name of the person that is overseeing the release of an item. This will enable the management to avoid cases of missing equipment.
  • Denote the date of the item’s return-Although an employee will sign this section when they return the asset, it is good to indicate the planned date of return so that the organization may not find itself experiencing a shortage of assets. If an employee exceeds the return date, they may be answerable to the management.

Tips that may come in handy

The organization can have a policy whereby the employee sends a picture of the equipment to you by attaching it to the sign out sheet they filled on their tablet or smartphone. This will be enough proof of condition for the asset and you can refer back to the photo when the employee returns the item.

To avoid any disagreements upon late return of the item, you can include a clause on the sign out sheet that indicates the rate of late fees the employer will incur if they fail to return the company’s asset on time. Any other fees like replacement or maintenance fees should also be on the template, to inform the employee the costs they will suffer if they damage the asset in any way.

A Terms and Conditions section is also necessary to restrict employees from abusing their rights to use the equipment. Clarify when, where, and how the company’s assets can be used outside the organization. Highlight that the asset still belongs to the company even if it is under the care of an employee on the outside. Such information will restrict employees from misusing company assets like cars and will save the reputation of an organization as well as its brand.

Another important tip is the printing of all filled sign out forms. In case information is lost in the operation system of the organization, there will still exist hardcopy evidence of the usage of the company’s assets.