Blank Calendar Excel Template

Blank Calendar Excel Template

Searching for a customizable blank calendar excel template? Save yourself the time of altering themed and pre-designed templates and download this free blank calendar excel template. Most pre-made calendars don’t include features needed to stay organized or break when removing design elements. No need to continue searching, download this free blank calendar template in excel below and get yourself organized for the upcoming year.

Using the Blank Calendar Excel Template

To get started, begin my downloading the template in the link below. Once the file has completed downloading, open the file using your Microsoft Office spreadsheet application; Excel.

When the file pulls up, be sure to ‘Save As’ the template under your desired file name. The best part about this blank calendar template, is it is so customizable it can be used monthly or annually! You can save this calendar to your computer, share it online through e-mail or using Google Sheets. Keep family members, friends, and/or coworkers up to date on upcoming birthdays, events, and holidays. This free template keeps you and everyone in your life organized!

Since this template is a blank calendar, simply print by selecting ‘File’ in the upper left corner, and selecting ‘Print’ from the dropdown options. Be sure to type in any fields (dates or headers or titles) you want typed out before printing the blank calendar excel template. Write in all details, with the option of including details or reminders for each event. You can also customize your margins in this blank calendar! Add in special upcoming dates and details, or get creative and draw your favorite design or figures around the blank calendar. The best part of blank calendar templates; the ability to make them YOURS.

Tips for Using the Blank Calendar Excel Template

This calendar template begins on Sunday, but is 100% customizable. If your user preference requires a Monday calendar start, this template is still the right one for you! You could create this calendar to be a Friday start, if your focus is on the weekend!

Quit wasting time fixing all the other calendars, and download this blank 2018 template calendar instead. All fields are customizable, designable, and removable. Get creative and show your artistic side! Or keep it simple and classic, whatever your preference is.

Be sure to create this calendar to fit your personal style, as you’ll be viewing it on a regular basis. If you choose to print out your blank calendar, add some personal details before hanging it up on the fridge or on your bulletin board. Show off your immaculate organization skills with a bit of style.

Want to be able to view all 12 months of the year, with the option of viewing past months as well as planning ahead for future months? This excel calendar template can do that! It is simple to add this feature. At the bottom of the spreadsheet, click the ‘new sheet’ tab. Copy and paste the blank month from the template into the new sheet page. Do this twelve times, or six or three, depending on your needs.

These monthly tabs can be renamed by the month name for added organization. These tabs can be color coded and can be added or removed at any time. Blank calendar templates aren’t meant to be boring, they’re made to be fully customizable.

The best part of this blank calendar excel template? It’s 100% free to download!