Custom Monthly Calendar Template

Looking for help getting organized? Find yourself saving information and calendar dates in multiple places, only to lose them later on? Save yourself the hassle (and a lot of time) by downloading this free Excel calendar template now! By accessing monthly calendar sheets, you’re able to focus on the current month, with the option of viewing and accessing past and future months as well. Keep all of your important events, reminders, appointments, meetings and much more conveniently all in one place with this handy custom monthly calendar template.

How To Use the Custom Monthly Calendar Template

Begin by downloading this free calendar template using the link at the bottom of this page. Then to get started customizing your 2020 calendar, open the template from your computer files.  Be sure to rename this template to your desired file name.

Next step is to get creative and get to customizing the design and template theme. If you are familiar with Excel spreadsheets, feel free to customize or update any and all aspects of the calendar. If you’re a beginner to Excel or would rather focus your time spent on inputting content, simply customize your calendar to your favorite Microsoft office premade theme.

Don’t know how to change calendar templates themes? We will explain how!

From your open free calendar template, in the top left hand corner in the main menu, select ‘Page Layout’. From there, select ‘Themes; which is the furthest left icon in the menu bar. With over 20 different theme sets, you’re sure to find one to match your personal style best.

Once you’ve got your theme picked out, you’re ready to begin adding entries.

We recommend getting started on the current/upcoming week. From there, advance out and add entries, reminders, notes (whatever you need!) to future months to stay on top and keep yourself prepared. You can always go back and edit, change, or update entries. Just be sure to save your work as you go, to avoid any lost work!

With monthly color coded tabs at the base of the spreadsheet template, this 2020 calendar is from a source that you can trust.Quit searching, don’t spend any more money, find calendars that WORK, right here at Always available, always free!