Fertility Calendar Template

Fertility Calendar Template

Searching for Fertility calendars? Working hard to track ovulation and still not finding success? Finding the right combination of resources for tracking and planning could result in the pregnancy in the female. Quit stressing, and quit juggling between multitudes or trackers, charts, calendars, paper notes, articles reminders, appointments… the list goes on an on. Simplify the process today by downloading one of our 2020 calendar templates now. Get organized and get ready to see the results!

When it comes to a healthy and successful pregnancy, timing is everything. Never miss the (very tiny) window of opportunity again, with the use of an ovulation calendar template. The ovulation equation is a tricky one to master for soon to be mom’s and dad’s, but up your chances of getting the right answer by adopting the use of free Excel calendar templates. This calendar can be used in the Excel software, but can also be a free printable calendar or a blank calendar template, too. The choice is up to you! All of our templates are built to be completely customizable.
Simply get started by clicking the download button. Open the file and save the template under your desired file name. Once you’ve imputed today’s date and your recent ovulation and cycle data, voila you are ready to start tracking and planning! Excel spreadsheets do all the work for you, so you can focus on what’s important; becoming parents.

Tips For Using the Fertility Calendar Template

When you go to create your newest and most thorough calendar to record the important dates of past menstrual cycles, make sure you’re recording the right information.
Be sure to include:

  • The beginning of your last menstrual cycle. Our free printable calendars include an area to record this.
  • The average length of each menstrual cycle period.
  • Track each luteal phase period, too. Remember, when tracking the luteal phase that it starts the day after ovulation and continues through the rest of her cycle and is usually just 12 to 16 days.

Be sure to include all dates in this calendar, and set reminders so you do not miss the chance to record any essential data or you could lessen the chance of seeing good results.

This calendar is not only free and easy for everyone to use, but also includes a very handy calculator to aid couples in calculating ovulation data, and leaves very little room for error. Get started on your new fertility journey by downloading this ovulation tracker free printable calendar template today.