Monthly Academic Calendar Template

Monthly Academic Calendar Template

Looking to keep your school assignments, exams, deadlines more organized? Stay on top of upcoming events and academic tasks with this free calendar template for Excel! This handy and printable calendar template is fully customizable, so that you can optimize which calendar features you need most. Never miss a deadline or exam date again, get this free calendar template today! We provide the best 2020 calendars available, all customizable templates, and all are ALWAYS free. We understand being a student is stressful, time consuming, and expensive. Save money, frustration and time by downloading this free calendar today.

How To Use the Monthly Academic Calendar Template

Downloading our free calendar templates has never been more simple! Whether you are well versed in Excel spreadsheets or a complete beginner, you’ll find success with this free calendar template. We will provide you all the steps, from downloading to input, from saving to printing. This article is your one stop shop for getting organized with a calendar template.
Your first step, is to download this blank calendar using the link below. Then, find the document in your files and open it with Excel. To begin work, be sure you’re in the correct year and month. You can access future and past months at any time, just by scrolling! For getting started, select the current month.

Then, add in all monthly events, reminders, assignment due dates, project deadlines, group presentations, exam times and more for the upcoming month. One feature of this free 2020 calendar, is a notes section that will always be at the bottom of your months. This is a great place to store details such as addresses, quick reminders that don’t include a certain date, and alerts for the following month’s upcoming events.

Get creative with your calendar! All of our calendar 2020 templates, academic or not, are fully customizable. Change the color and font to your favorite design scheme, and be sure to save your changes! You can customize each month individually. Feeling the seasons? Show it off with your calendar! You can always revert back to the original settings.

Tips for the Monthly Academic Calendar

What makes us the best online source for free calendar templates? The fact that ALL of our calendar template options are available as a printable calendar, as well as a blank calendar. Everything we supply is fully customizable, giving you the option to make it as detailed or as blank as you want.

Looking for printable calendar templates only? You’re still in the right place! To make any of our calendar 2020 templates printable, simply download the template using the link below. Then, open the template file. Once your calendar is opened in spreadsheets, click ‘File’ at the top left-hand corner. Then select ‘Print’ and voila! Your custom calendar, free, and printed.

Be sure to input any events or customize your design to your personal preference before printing! And always be sure to save your work before closing!

Hang this calendar on your fridge, personal bulletin board, or slide it into your binder so it’s always with you. Does your binder have a cover insert? Print your calendar as a blank calendar, slide it into the cover of your binder, and use wipe erase markers to add or fill in the dates. Keep your calendar with you, everywhere you go. Save paper, recycle it each month simply by erasing with a quick swipe!

Keep up to date on all school events, upcoming exams, and of course school holidays and vacations. See how organized you could be, download the free calendar 2020 for students today!