Weekly Calendar Template Excel

Weekly Calendar Excel Template

Why You Need To Get Your Hands On A Weekly Calendar And Calendar Template

You should get your hands on a weekly calendar, more specifically download a weekly calendar template for Excel. It doesn’t matter who you are; A student, business person or a stay-at-home parent, you can benefit from calendar templates. Let’s discuss how to use them, the different types, benefits of using them and tips.

How To Use A Weekly Calendar Template Excel

It’s easy and straightforward. You choose a template that best suits you and then you edit it. Calendar templates can be downloaded and printed out, as well as edited within your browser, depending on the software you use. In short, it is software that helps you create a weekly planner.

Types Of Templates And Who Should Use Them

There are downloadable weekly calendars for anything you can think of. Calendars that work very well include any year type calendars, weekly appointment calendars, free business calendars, ovulation calendars, and so much more. Get customized AND organized easy and quickly, using this free calendar Excel template.

The Benefits Of Using A Weekly Calendar Excel Template

There are many benefits of using a weekly calendar template. Once your calendar is created, you will be more than prepared and proactive when getting tasks done. When events and meetings are written down and you see the words, then you will become motivated to avoid procrastination and get tasks done.

If you love working out and you want to make sure you’re progressing, then a template for a calendar is for you. You can create a four-week calendar that includes a column for a specific exercise, a column for how much weight you did on that exercise and “reps” can make up the last column. As the weeks go on, you can track your progress.

Doing the weekly shop is a hassle for many people. With a template, you can create a weekly grocery shopping calendar. You’ll know exactly what to get, and how much each item costs, if you decide to use “price of item” as a header in one of your columns. This is just one example of what you can do with a template that’s fully customizable.

If you’re a business person, whether you manage a company, an employee or run a business, then you can create a weekly list of things to do. You’ll know what day a meeting takes place on, what time you are meeting with someone or what other business-related tasks you have to get done.

Best of all, it’s free. You can create a free calendar within very short period of time, and you’ll have fun doing it. You don’t need technically experience nor do you need graphic design experience or anything like that. Simply write text into the template and before you know it, your weekly tasks will be laid out on the calendar, which can be downloaded or printed.

Those are only a handful benefits of using a weekly calendar. The main benefit is calendars help you become and remain more organized. When you stay on top of things, especially weekly tasks, then you become more productive and motivated to tackle the day and accomplish your goals.

Basic Tips For Using A Weekly Calendar Excel Template

If you’re brand new to using a weekly calendar template, then it may be overwhelming at first. What you want to do is decide exactly what you need a weekly calendar for. After you do this, you can download and edit a template specifically for what you need it for, such as weekly grocery shop, workout schedule etc. . . Alternatively, you can start with a blank calendar and design it as you see fit. Just make sure the layout is clear, clean and understandable.

Use colors to highlight specific tasks and categories. For example, you can highlight the exercises you will do in your weekly calendar, while making the “sets and reps” a different color. Doing this like this makes everything easier to read and understand.

Also, a printable calendar is recommended. After you create your calendar, print it out. Hang your printable calendar in a place you will notice it. This increases the odds of you actually doing the tasks on your calendar.

Where To Get A Weekly Calendar Template for Excel

You can get a printable calendar online. As previously mentioned, templates are easy to use and there are many types to choose from. In fact, Microsoft creates multiple blank calendar templates as well as the types previously discussed and many more. We have them all here for you, always for free!

Best of all, there are no shortage of free printable calendars out there. ExcelTemplate actually has free printable calendars.

All you have to do now is get your hands on a free weekly calendar. The best way to do it is to download a template. As you can see, there are many types of calendars that works well. Find the right template, be as creative as you want and before you know it you will be conquering your weekly tasks.