GANTT Chart Template

GANTT Chart Template

One of the most important tasks of a project manager is to keep track of your project schedule from beginning to end. We are the ultimate source for free excel project management tracking templates. It is essential to keep track of the activities occurring at all times and know how long they will take to complete and if they can be delivered on time. Tasks versus time charts are known as Gantt charts. They can be simple or very complex but so essential that they have become the global standard for engineers, planners and construction managers and are rapidly spreading into all other industries.

Named after its creator Henry Gantt in the early 1900s, originally the basic Gantt chart template had to be drawn by hand and redrawn with every schedule change. They also used blocks or bricks to be able to move and adjust the task to be completed as the project progressed. These types of Gantt chart became very popular through the decades and are now standard in all industries. As a result, it is very important to understand how they are created and used, as well as understand the information presented on them.

A Gantt chart example depicts a bar graph with a horizontal axis of time and vertical axis of task completed. Each task is displayed in sequence so that the user knows when each task should be completed and the next task should start. It can get rather complex. For example a construction project of a high rise, the foundation has to be laid first, the structure is poured on next, but nothing can happen before the ground is prepared and permits are obtained. The sequence of events of a project is essential and keeping track of each step is crucial for your project’s success.

Fortunately, there is now software available that allows you to create a simple Gantt chart to prepare a study group, or a Gantt chart excel of a multi-million dollar project with its vast number of contractors and tasks happening simultaneously.

Free excel chart templates are available to download and customize for your own use. These are free excel chart templates that are easy to understand and use to create your own chart templates. You can see a Gantt chart example that suits your need and modify the Gantt chart excel to fit your team and project. Download your Gantt chart excel template today and start customizing your Gantt chart template!


Multiple levels of tasks are possible so that you can break a major task to be completed into many sub-tasks. You can assign the task to individuals and or groups and give them specific start and finish dates.

You are able to modify the excel template by adding the end date of the project, or instead, you can enter the number of weeks needed to complete the project. You can also specify which days are work days and add holidays and weekends. Having work dates color coded can make it easier to keep track of the time allotted for each task. The timeline will also appear color coded per week so it is easy to follow. Customize your own excel template and present your client with a clear picture of the entire project and keep your due dates in check. We provide many free excel project management tracking templates.


One of the most important features of a Gantt chart is the ability for multiple team members and contractors to see and understand how they fit within the schedule and how their tasks are important in relation to others and as a whole within the project. This ability gives individuals and groups tangible goals to achieve and the motivation to accomplish their tasks on time.


Another benefit of the charts is the organized display of the delivery dates and due dates for each milestone of the project. The excel template is designed to change as your project does. The dates update with each change, making it easy to see where you are running behind, make modification and change your strategy and get back on schedule and deliver on time to your clients.


Keep track of your project tasks and deliver on time by downloading this free excel templates. It is not necessary to buy expensive software that is complicated to use. These free excel templates are all you need. The excel templates are ready for use and customizable to fit all your project needs. Above all, these excel templates are user friendly so in no time you will have a timeline for your project that you are able to change at any time to keep you on track on all your projects. Looking for free excel project management tracking templates, stop searching! The Gantt chart templates available range from a simple Gantt chart to a complex Gantt chart excel template that accommodates multiple project teams and recurrent changes. Download yours today!