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Assigning Household Chores With Ease: Microsoft Excel Chore Chart Templates

When it comes to assigning chores around the home, this can be a rather daunting task because not only do you have to assign chores, the same chores must be checked off upon completion. Microsoft Excel templates present us with a free chore chart template to be used around the home. Surely these children’s chore chart templates are designed to give parents an easier approach to the task of assigning chores in the home.

At the outset, Excel templates can be used in a variety of ways and creating chore chart templates is just one way of using them. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting ways of doing just that.

How To Use the Chore Chart Template:

Because these are free printable chore chart templates, the correct information suited to your purpose must be typed therein. At the top of the template are the days of the week. Along the sides can be various chores to your liking, because this is a children’s chore chart template, you have the ability to type and enter various chores to be completed around the home. Cutting the lawn, taking out the garbage, mopping the floor, or cleaning the bathroom are all examples of what could be entered on the Microsoft Excel templates. Once you have entered the proper chores on the left side of the templates you now can enter underneath each day segment two columns. One column can be named the person that is to complete the chore and the other column can be named completed. This is because responsibility and accountability go hand-in-hand. Having a free chore chart template handy will give you flexibility when assigning chores throughout the home. Using free Excel templates has always been a very easy task. With this free chore chart template, you have just made a sign and chores easier. Because this chore chart is assigned weekly it is wise to list the chores to be performed on a weekly basis. This way as each day goes by, check marks can be made to see the performance of the children involved. The very template itself is designed to take away the guesswork of how to set up the chore chart as well as how to assign the various days to the chart itself. This is what makes the chore templates so fascinating.

Cool Features of the Chore Chart Template:

Some rather cool features about these free printable chore chart templates are that each day of the week can be individually color coded. With this in mind you may decide to color code Monday with purple or you may even color code Tuesday with orange. It doesn’t matter what your choice of color is, what matters is the fact that you can individualize each day with a specific color and mine. Color adds a great presentation to Microsoft Excel templates. Along with color coding the days of the week, you have the option to copy and paste repeatable names if you are going to assign the same charge of the same person for a span of days. Instead of typing the name over and over and over again you have the option to highlight the name press ctrl-c and then click your mouse in the next slot and press ctrl-v and this will paste the name automatically on your chore chart template. Along with individually copying and pasting a name, if there is a group of chores to be performed by the same children then you can highlight the group of names collectively and press ctrl-c. Next, go to the following day and press ctrl-v and paste the group of children names for that day as well. With this feature it is sure to make the seemingly arduous task of typing and retyping names a lot easier. Chore chart templates are designed to make assigning chores easier and sometimes even fun. This is because the job of creating easy to follow chores will often lead to better performance in that the chores are outlined and the person to complete them is seen as well. This will surely increase accountability and performance numbers in the home.

Tips for Using the Chore Chart Template

Free printable chore chart templates are designed to be used either through the Excel software or leave it blank and print it out. It’s up to you! More often than not when a child sees a chore chart template the remembrance of such chores are immediately brought to memory. Having a visual of what chores are to be done placed in strategic locations around the home will add to increase performance. With Excel templates, you have the luxury to print them and place them in various locations around the home. An interesting tip to improve the performance of children when completing chores is to place the children’s chore template on the refrigerator or even place it on the back of the door to the bathroom. These are two of the most frequented places by children. When looking for a daily snack or something to eat, the eyes of the child will meet the chore chart template. When using the bathroom, free Excel templates are sure to be observed. Another tip when creating a children’s chore chart template is that you can download the same template and sync it with all devices in the home. Whether on a smartphone, a laptop, or even a child favorite desktop will the chore chart templates make their presence known. In today’s age, all children utilize electronics in one form or another. With free Excel templates, those same devices can be used to serve as reminders for children to perform household chores.

In conclusion, Excel templates are very innovative when it comes to organizing everyday agendas. No matter what function is to be performed within the world of chores around the home, Microsoft has made it a lot easier. Accountability increases because if there are various children performing chores, usually the first one to complete a chore will make it known to the others. For that matter, an atmosphere of competitiveness will be created. In a good way of course, because the household chores are being completed. Children like to complete chores when they know this will give them bragging rights. Having chore charts placed around the home and various locations will add to this atmosphere of competition. These are just a few ways to utilize this great innovation by Microsoft. Quite naturally with practice, you will find other awesome features as well. Whatever your style of assigning household responsibilities are, Microsoft has given you a tool to use that will make your task a lot more fulfilling. At the end of the week, results can be looked upon and a sense of accomplishment can be felt by all involved.