Pick Chart Organizational Template

Pick Chart Organizational Template For Excel

Microsoft Excel templates are gaining in popularity throughout the world. Individuals and businesses everywhere use excel templates for many things, but a Pick Chart is the one organizational chart template excel offers, that can be utilized to perform business projects.

The Organizational Chart Template Excel Pick Chart

The Pick Chart is the organizational chart template Excel created as a tool for the lean six-sigma process. The process flow chart template is mainly used during an LSS event to process and categorize ideas for improvement.

The Pick Chart process flow chart template uses a 2×2 grid, which is usually drawn on a large flip chart or whiteboard and unlike other Excel chart templates, it is used to make important product decisions.

Although this free organizational chart template is mostly used by businesses and investors alike, to help rank products and make some major investment decisions, the Excel chart templates can also be used in many other ways as well and can be altered to fit your needs.

What Does “Pick” in “Pick Chart” Mean?

The pick is not actually a word but an acronym that comes from each of the quadrant labels of the grid. Here are the words that stand behind the letters in Pick …

Possible: located in the Lower Left Quadrant: Easy to execute, but the payoff is low. This means if nothing better comes along, take it.

Implement: located in the Upper Left Quadrant: Easy to execute, and the payoff is high. Don’t let this one get away; grab it now while you still can.

Challenge: located in the Upper Right Quadrant: Challenging or difficult to execute and the payoff rewards are high. For individuals who put a lot of work, therefore, when they finally get their rewards they are ecstatic into these projects.

Kill: located in the Lower Right Quadrant: Hard to execute and the payoff is low. Can you say trash? Need I say more?

Downloading and Opening the Process Flow Chart Template

To download this free organizational chart template, start by clicking on download. All free Excel templates will have a download button located next to the template name, usually found below.

A box will pop up to ask you where you would like to save the file, choose a folder to save it in and then click on save (The majority of people usually save files like this, to their downloads folder).

Unlike other free excel templates that you click on to open in Excel, the Pick Chart file is zipped. Therefore, in order to open the file, you will have to unzip it first. Click on the file to unzip it, and then click on the new unzipped file and it will open in Excel.

Once the file opens in Excel, you will have to enable it — since — all excel templates open in protected view by default to protect your computer from viruses and other potential threats. Click to enable editing and you are all ready to begin working with the organization chart template.

Adding Projects to PICK Chart Templates

Most all Microsoft excel templates are easy to use, including the Pick Chart templates.

In order to work with a specific project, you will need to place it inside the Pick Chart. To add your project to the Pick Chart, start by inserting a text box for every project.

Click on the Insert tab located in the file menu on the top of the page.

Next click “Textbox” then choose a cell outside of the Pick chart to add it to. Use your mouse to add the textbox by– clicking and holding the left mouse button down, and dragging it to the desired location then simply release the mouse button.

The recommended font to use for your project’s name is Calibri 14 points, bold without any line color or fill. Type a name for your project in the box.

Based on the assessments, move the text boxes to the proper return/risk locations until you have completed placing all of the competing projects.
How to Use the Free Organization Chart Template with, Six Sigma

Before getting started, it is important to understand the purpose of the project, which is to assist you with weeding out programs or services that would not only be hard to utilize but also wouldn’t be worth the low profits it may produce.

At the same time, it helps to identify ideas that are most useful or more beneficial to your firm, especially the ones that can be completed quickly with less difficulty known as “just-do-its.”

The person responsible for keeping track of the proceedings will document the information on their laptop to keep an electronic record of what takes place, while the meeting is in session or after it has ended.

Draw the 2×2 grid when drawing the Pick Chart then write all labels on the axes using easy through hard difficulty levels and low through high payoffs.

Ideas that may have been written on sticky notes are placed on the grid based on the payoff and the difficulty of the level.

List the ideas in the spreadsheet in the respective categories below the chart to record them.

Helpful Tips and Suggestions to Save you Time

Due to all the problems and arguments, it may cause, about where items belong on the scale and more, it’s usually a complete waste of time to try coming up with other rankings continuously for all of the ideas.

Try to keep things simple like the Pick Chart free organizational chart template was meant to be. Encourage other team members to stick to the four basic choices. However, make a note of it, if the team decides that an idea is ranked as a very high payoff, extremely hard, or for any other changes made.

You should not add an idea, between two quadrants, on a line. This may cause the team to avoid making a decision. Moreover, although discussion is good, ask the team to choose a category now then if there is time later you can discuss your decisions further.

In the implement quadrant, write, “Just Do it,” since some people may have a hard time when it comes to categorizing things like a low payoff, and hard difficulty levels after seeing the label on the chart marked “kill”, you should avoid writing the other quadrants names.

Now that you know the basics of using Pick Chart templates, you can start prioritizing all your projects and getting the results you seek or use it for other important projects as it can be altered to fit your needs as all excel templates.

Microsoft Excel templates can be downloaded and used for just about anything but if you would like an organization chart template with boxes that are well defined to implement a challenge and possibly kill that also contains levels of difficulty, these Pick Chart free excel templates would be perfect for you. Moreover, excel chart templates are free to use.