Diet & Exercise Chart Template

Diet & Exercise Chart Template

Tracking Weight Loss With Accuracy: Microsoft Excel Exercise Templates

Weight loss has been the goal of many the world over, but tracking such an enormous task is not that easy. Thanks to Microsoft Excel templates, we now have such a way to do so. No matter if you are a student training for school athletics, a businessman or businesswoman needing to burn off some extra fat, or any individual desiring to reach the desired body mass index level there is a free printable weight loss chart that is suited for you.

Because Excel chart templates are free and downloadable, these workout charts provide the opportunity to take them and place them not only at home but in the work environment to stay motivated with. A good way to check performance over a given amount of time is by using Microsoft Excel templates.

How To Use the Diet and Exercise Chart Template

Upon first sight of the free printable weight loss chart, you will notice the word goals at the top of the chart itself. This is labeled as goals because you are working towards achieving the desired weight along with tracking various intakes into your body, whether that is tracking fat or calories. To the left of the exercise chart, you will notice there are seven different blocks to give visual to some features of your weight loss routine. The first two are the start date and end date, the following two are for your start weight and the end weight. Next in succeeding order is the goal loss, the amount of weight desired to be lost. This is the difference between the start weight and the end weight. Up next is the countdown of time that you have to lose such weight. The last block is to show the average weight loss per day.

With free Excel templates, Microsoft has given you a free printable weight loss chart. Excel templates are here to aid every step of your diet and exercise journey. Under the row labeled dietary analysis will be various bars with different colors. Each bar is representing a day of the week and the colors are indicative of fats, proteins, carbs, and calories. What this does is allow you to track your dietary intake from 0% to 100% of each aspect labeled. Having free exercise templates makes analyzing your diet much easier. Underneath dietary analysis will be exercise analysis and this is where you have the choice of labeling each bar by date on your exercise charts. To the left of the columns of dates will be numbers of calories burned in 50 calorie increments. With such being a case you will notice the crossing line that is designed to show the duration of the exercise itself. Free Excel templates give you the ability to track the total amount of calories burned on any given day while exercising. This is how the diet and exercise journey is to be used.

Included With This Chart Template

As with all Microsoft Excel templates, there are many cool features that are included on your exercise chart. One such feature with Excel chart templates is that once you set your weight loss goal, the only thing left to do is log your exercise data and your food consumption and the rest will take care of itself. With Excel chart templates comes the automatic calculation of the data entered therein. So in real time will real results be tracked and displayed for you on a day-to-day basis. This is just one feature that allows for up to date figures. So if you want to look back over your data sheets and see on which day you had the highest performance as in calories burned you have the ability to look at your workout charts and see your best days. With that being the case another great feature is the ability to look back over your dietary analysis and notice your highest intake of different types of fats, proteins, or carbs. At the end of a specified amount of time, you can look back and see just what happened with your body after missing a day of not exercising. This will add inspiration and motivation to get up and lose some weight because your workout charts, your exercise analysis will show a dip in your performance. Microsoft has surely given us a tool to track our weight loss ambitions. Chart templates have various color code sequences on the Excel templates. This is just another addition that will provide visual stimulation as you notice the different colors representing high performance with high output or low performance and low output. The exercise chart has just advanced with Microsoft.

Optional Tips for this Chart Template

There are many tips that can be given you in regards to the Microsoft Excel template, but that is up to you as an individual and your preferences when it comes to weight loss and exercise. One such notable tip is to set your start date and end date on your workout logs in month increments, now you have a whole month to track your weight loss progress as there will be some days where work may demand more hours, or have to attend to a meeting with your children at school. These are the days that are not planned for and having workout logs for one-month durations will allow for the hindsight of those days. On chart templates, those days will represent a dip and by seeing such a dip you will not be discouraged but rather encouraged as the before and after days have performance. These chart templates show hard work and determination because had it not been for the dip, the unexpected event, you will have continued on a steady course of action. Another cool tip with Excel templates is to download the chart and place it in your exercise room at your home or if you work out at a fitness club or anything resembling such you have the ability to download the template onto your smartphone. in the event of taking a water break or a momentary recess, can you look down at your smart device and track your performance. Knowing that you have a goal before you will make you strive harder when it comes to weight loss and exercise. As the day’s countdown, your chart will let you know just how many days you have left to reach your target.

In short, these workout logs has encouraged us in many ways and with many creations and designs to make life easier and fulfilling today. Free Excel templates are the standard for combining technology with weight loss tracking. Performance is sure to enhance with this cool innovation.