Simple Shopping List Template

Simple Shopping List Template

You will be able to keep track of everything that you need for your home with a Simple Shopping List Template spreadsheet. You don’t have time in your busy schedule to run to the store every time you need something, so keep track of the little things on a simple shopping list. This will streamline your shopping trips and ensure that nothing is overlooked. Keeping a shopping list will also help you to keep a grocery budget and plan meals before heading to the store.

This Simple Shopping List Template excel sheet allows you to keep your shopping list organized by type of item with convenient columns. The template also has a place to mark when the item has been purchased. The simple design makes this template quick and easy to use no matter your level of computer experience and skill.

This template is compatible with Excel and many other softwares that are able to open the .xlsx file extension which makes it usable on almost every computer.

Downloading and Using the Simple Shopping List Template spreadsheet

It is easy to download the free template for Microsoft Excel. To download the file, simply click the link entitled Simple Shopping List Template that is found below and wait for the file to download to your computer.

When the file has finished downloading, you will be able to find it in one of several ways. Most computers will put new files into the Download folder. Some internet browsers will also leave an icon for the download in the bottom left hand of the screen. In either case, just double click the file name to open the file in Excel.

When the file has opened in Excel, you will be able to see that we have prepared the file with convenient lines for noting what items that you need to purchase. There is plenty of space for even a long shopping list for a large family.

There are several ways to use this Simple Shopping List Template excel. You can record the items that you need into the file and then print a copy before going to the store. You may also be able to save the shopping list to your phone to reference the list while you are at the store. This way depends on what type of phone that you have and will vary in every case. Finally, you can print a blank shopping list and pin it to the refrigerator or another convenient location to note down items as needed.

As a way to save paper, try reusing the printed lists by marking out the previously purchased items and using the remaining space for the next list. If your printer is able to print on both sides of the paper, this will also save paper.

If you choose to record the items you wish to purchase into the file directly, just click on the cell where you would like to add the item and begin typing. When you have finished typing, press Enter and the entry will be completed. Repeat this process until you have completed your list.

Make sure that you save your list when you have finished by clicking File and choosing Save from the drop down list. If you wish to save your list as a separate file, then click Save As and you will be asked what you would like to call your new list. Keeping your lists as separate files will allow you to refer back to old lists and may help you to remain more organized. This is not required as a step to use the list, however.

If you need to remove anything from the list, simply highlight the cell you wish to delete and hit the Delete key.

When you need to clear out an old list after your shopping trip, simply delete each item using this method and click the checkbox to clear the tick mark. Repeat this process until the sheet is blank once more.

Using the Simple Shopping List Template spreadsheet Will Save Time and Money

When you use the template and create a shopping list before you head to the store, you will cut down on impulse buying and you will ensure that you get all of the things that you need until your next planned shopping trip.

You will save time by being prepared for your shopping trip ahead of time. Your time is valuable and wasting time trying to remember the items that you need can be better utilized doing something else. Whether you are a busy parent that is trying to shop with young children distracting you, a busy professional with many demands on your time, or simply someone that likes to be organized and feel in control, this Simple Shopping List template will help you to streamline your shopping process.