Wedding Checklist Template

Wedding Checklist Template

Stress Free Wedding Checklist Template

Preparation is key when planning a wedding. During this exciting time, it is critical to have an idea of what is needed for your big day. Planning a wedding is exciting but can be overwhelming if you are not careful. There are many layers and small details that need a lot of attention and time. Utilizing a wedding checklist template is the best investment of time you can make during the planning of your big day. The checklist template provides you a basic step by step guide to planning the wedding and completing the most important parts ahead of time.

The wedding checklist template will allow you to become your own wedding planner, choose your caterer, and can be shared with friends and family for any future wedding plans. The template can be converted into an excel format in order to be managed properly. This template is an easy way to know what needs to be completed from the checklist first. Throughout this article you will learn the basics of a wedding checklist template spreadsheet. The following highlights can be used for any 6-month or 12-month wedding checklist template spreadsheet.

Wedding Timeline

Your wedding timeline plays a very important part in the planning process for your big date. The biggest question after the big question is asked is, how soon will you get married? After you say yes, the next step is how soon will you say, I do? During the celebration of your engagement, you should consider asking would you rather get married in 6 months or 12 months. How soon are you able to plan the wedding of your dreams in that timeline? If you choose to plan within a 6-month time frame, consider condensing a 12-month wedding checklist to meet your needs.


The budget is more important than the date technically. As we all know, a budget is the key to any successful outfit planning, business and dinner date. The budget is your compass during your wedding planning journey. This allows you to have those one of a kind flowers you have seen and loved since your trip to Johannesburg, or the dress you saw in a Russian wedding magazine. The sky’s the limit when your budget is set in place. The most important reason to have a budget is because your finances determine how extravagant your wedding will be. The budget determines how soon you can book hotels for your guests. A budget will determine the dress of your dreams and the food that will be served. Keeping the budget as a top priority helps you prioritize and have the best wedding possible.

Guest List

Invites, custom name plates, gift bags, and reservations all stem from the guest list. The guest list is the main star of the show. No matter if it is just you and your fiancée and the minister, 200 hundred people or just 50 people. Your guest list matters, you must be sure you choose according to your wants and budget. The guest list is any and every one you want to celebrate your day of love with and invite. It also allows you to know how many people to cater to, how many chairs for the reception and how soon to send invites.


Your choice in venue will set the tone for your wedding. This the statement piece of your wedding, it is where your guest will meet to watch your moment of love. The venue is the centerpiece of your wedding. It’s the first thing the guest sees prior to seeing you walk down the aisle. With consideration of your wedding’s inspiration the venue speaks to your vision for you big day. Even if your theme is a luxury Mediterranean theme, or rustic barnyard or beach cove. The venue is the ultimate reflection of that. It is almost as important as the date and guestlist. The venue is where you will host your guests, share your vows and break bread. Having a location is one of the top priorities for your wedding checklist template excel needs.


The food of choice is the most vocal point of the wedding. Catering is important in all aspects of the day. Especially during rehearsals, for your wedding party if needed. While you are getting ready for your big day, having a caterer prepare breakfast or snack packs for your wedding party is a great investment. This ensures everyone is healthy and prepared for the big day. Even for the reception meeting with a caterer will help you plan your menu or even omit meals all together.


The wedding checklist template allows you to make a section for the most important feature of your big day. Choosing a photographer is nearly the most important thing to do. Your photographer will capture the moment. These memories are moments you don’t want to forget and remembering to choose the right photographer is important.


The dress of choice is important. From the theme of your wedding, be it Indian, Nigerian, American, Russian or Thailand, your dress makes the day. It your signature piece for the evening. Even if you change from your wedding gown into a formal gown, you can check off the dress of choice off your list.


No matter if you are renting chars, tables, flowers or décor having a rental company on hand is ideal. This helps prevent you from purchasing furniture, linens and other items that may be a one time use for you.


The flowers for your wedding are important. No matter if you are choosing fresh flowers or silk flowers, your florist of choice is important.

When creating your wedding checklist template excel, you have leverage of what to place as most important and least important. This gives you the ability to make a list and finalize it in a matter of weeks. You have the flexibility to know what has been prepared for and what hasn’t. This checklist was designed with you in mind. It was created to guide you to the best wedding day possible.