Weight Loss Tracker Template

Weight Loss Tracker Template
If You’re Serious About Weight Loss You Need to Track, It

Never before has it been so important to be on the healthy side of life. Having a great plan is the first step, but a great template will make it easier. With weight loss tracker template excel, you can set your goals to track not only your diet compliance but the exercise routine you chose.

It can improve your odds of sticking to your weight-loss program if you track it either on paper or online. This program allows you to add comments that are good to put your feelings of that day on paper. This template will calculate your BMI. It will give you a beginning BMI and continue to track it throughout your weight-loss tracking.

Who’s Really Your Friend

It’s crazy but we tend to tell ourselves that a bowl of chocolate ice-cream is our comfort buddy. It’s really your enemy in disguise. Once you begin tracking everything you eat, you’ll see what friendly food is and what is giving you temporary satisfaction and taking a place on your hips, belly, or ect.

The weight loss tracker template offers not only BMI (Body Mass Index), but a BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) which with the calculator can tell you the total amount of calories you can eat in a day. To lose weight, you must eat less and exercise.

Snacks Are Not My Friends

It probably is one of the hardest things you do, is to break your friendship with snacks. If you will write it down, you can see how much you snack and what you are snacking on. The weight loss tracker template spreadsheet can take the frustration out of the program. You can be assured that this is a step in your favor, as the template is free.

Successful dieters use a program of writing down and tracking every day until they are at their weight goal. The weight loss tracker template excel will show what you’ve done and set goals to meet. The tracking tool will keep you updated on your progress.

Another plus for this template is that you can use your iPhone or Android for this excel program. It’s as easy as that. It will do the calculations for your exercise and calorie tracking.

The templates are printable and you’re able to pin them up to refer to when you need a boost of encouragement. You’ll see where you have stayed on track or where you need to make changes.

Exercise is Not a Bad Word

Let’s face it, exercise is a little like work. No one wants to devote their time to exercise and get sweaty and tired. Time and time again there are simple programs to do as a daily exercise that will help you get in the shape you desire. Try making small changes and accept exercise as a friend, not a foe.

With the weight loss tracker template spreadsheet ready for you to enter your data. An example would be entering the data about yourself, like age, weight, even your height makes a difference. With specific data, the weight loss tracker will be able to track the calories you need to burn to lose weight. How many you need to eat to lose weight. And how much you need to exercise you need to succeed.

How Will You Know If It Works If You Don’t Try?

It’s undeniable that weight loss is not easy. As with any program, job, new church, or weight loss tracking, it takes the determination to keep at it before you can honestly say it doesn’t work.

The best way to change is to continue trying to stay on track. You can be assured that the weight loss tracker template spreadsheet is the way to accomplish your goals.

When you write down everything you eat or drink on the weight loss tracker template, you’ll see a pattern emerge on why you want something sweet or salty. Is it a certain time of day or night? When you write down the water you really drank may surprise you. What triggers your sweet tooth?

It’s the same with exercise. Even if you have perfect eating habits and not overweight, you would still like to write down your program with exercise. Tracking your exercise goals allows you to really see the 20 sit-ups you did. And not try to remember that you did 20 sit-ups or was it 10. Make it precise and truthful. Sometimes we don’t remember like we believe we do.

Tiny Changes To Do

  • Use a smaller plate
  • Always leave a little food on your plate
  • Keep you template close to yourself so you will enter the data
  • Weigh yourself daily at the same time
  • Substitute a fruit for a bowl of ice-cream
  • Call a friend when you need to be accountable
  • If the food isn’t in the house, you won’t eat it