Marketing Action Plan Template

Marketing Action Plan Template

Marketing Action Plan Template

The Significance of a Marketing Action Plan Template For Your Business

A part of an efficient business plan is a marketing structure designed to take action and accomplish long-term and short-term goals. Businesses of all sizes, students, and organizations can save time creating a program by downloading a free Marketing Action Plan Template. You can select the outline from a variety of templates for a small company, startup, nonprofit, or a large corporation. Use marketing plans as a guide to bring existence and deliver your products and/or services to quarry consumers.

What is a Marketing Plan Template?

An excel marketing plan template is a spreadsheet describing the strategies you intend to use in selling a specific service or product. It is a guide and valuable tool created in Excel detailing marketing goals aligned with the objectives and mission of your company. How you structure your plan is significant and relies on the business type and size. Most business plans include a marketing plan, but can be separate, comprising other marketing plans, including sales, digital, tactical, service, and product.

A Marketing Action Plan Template excel document is an instrument to help you and your marketing team accomplish your marketing strategies. Decide which sections are indispensable to include in your Marketing Action Plan Template spreadsheet. If you have a marketing team, include their daily activities of your business for the entire year to ensure they are completing duties and responsibilities.

How to use a Marketing Template?

Companies, corporations and nonprofit organizations use a Marketing Action Plan Template to list marketing tasks on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. It is essential to assist you in identifying specific marketing tools for operations and functions in the marketing department. Marketing executives and managers can utilize the spreadsheet to ensure punctual timelines and to monitor the performance of team members.

The purpose of the Marketing Action Plan Template excel guide is to make sure you accomplish securing marketing necessities for the business. It shows the required work you and the team need to achieve. Use your marketing template to track all your plans and campaigns for the entire year.

What a Marketing Plan Includes

  • Specification of your objectives, present financial position, and the direction of your business.
  • An outline of marketing strategies, potential competitors, and possible achievements. As with most businesses, take an authentic look at your organization and analyze its weaknesses, opportunities, strengths, and the unexpected.
  • Marketing Action Plan Template spreadsheet may include step-by-step processes to achieve all your objectives with clarity.
  • Scheduled and relevant actions of each segment of the market you are targeting by product, service, and functions.
  • Required finances, resources, and predicted revenues from one to five years.


If your marketing plan is separate from your business plan, your template will feature the following sections;

  • A title page formatted to input the name of your company, physical location address, email, document name, and the website address, for example.
  • Table of Content detailing each section of the marketing plan with its appropriate page numbers.
  • Executive Summary.
  • Mission Statement.
  • Analysis based on research and assumptions.
  • Goals for business, financial, marketing, and sales.
  • Target marketing demographics and customers.
  • Budget.
  • Methods and standards of performance and activity.
  • Financial assumptions.
  • Optional calendar for marketing activities is a part of a marketing action plan to identify timelines required for consideration in developing a marketing plan.
  • An appendix including research data, product & service description, and photographs of products.


  • Reduces time by avoiding constant delegation of duties to team members.
  • Assist in daily operations of companies regardless of the business and years in service.
  • Manage your marketing team on performance and efforts.
  • Efficient allocation of budget.
  • Use the marketing plan in excel as a resource for motivating your team.
  • Ensures integration of activities for easy access and monitoring.
  • Consistent scheduled requirements.
  • Differentiate responsibilities and conditions of set standards to measure success and improvements.

11 Optional Tips

  • Set realistic goals based on facts and statistics.
  • Incorporate your goals to the company‚Äôs overall goals and mission.
  • Gain understanding on growth of your business from startup to present.
  • Avoid overpowering yourself when setting goals. The limit should be two, with approximately three to five supportive goals.
  • Research your competitors thoroughly.
  • Accept failure as an opportunity to learn. Success is never a guarantee and everlasting.
  • Create milestones in reaching your desired goals.
  • Know the demographics you are targeting and perform plenty of research on the market.
  • Develop insight of why consumers would want to use your service and product.
  • If you experience failure after failure, reach out to a third party to audit your marketing strategies.
  • Be precise in stating the position of your brand and targeted customers.

A Marketing Action Plan Template organizes marketing activities and can include graphs and charts for easy understanding. It is a necessity if you are seeking additional funding to expand your business and launch new services and products. Investors and banks request for business and marketing plans as a requirement for companies to receive capital.

Excel templates come in different formats and types to meet the needs of most businesses. It saves executives and business owners time in running all aspects of marketing. It is easy to use and offers necessary benefits, especially organization of activities, milestones, and responsibilities.