Project Budget Proposal Template

Project Budget Proposal Template

Project Budget Proposal Template

Business projects are the lifeline of the entire business. It’s your projects that bring in revenue and bring out the talents of your team. When one of your workers gets an idea, or you do, it’s time to present that project to the entire team so that they can decide whether it’s a good idea or not. After all, you’re going to be throwing time and money into this proposed project. You want to know how long it will take to complete, who’s going to be working on the team, and what kind of return on investment (ROI) you can expect to get out of the project’s completion.

A project budget proposal template is ideal for this situation. It lets you set out the hopes and dreams of a certain project and see how the numbers play out after its completion. Our project proposal budget template excel program will get you started in the right direction for your team. Most importantly, it will clearly demonstrate to your grant providers and investors just how much your proposed project can contribute to the future of the business.

How to Use

Our sample project proposal budget template will show you just what our templates do to outline your project’s expenses and projected revenue and how those two things compare to the amount of time you’ll invest in bringing your project to life. Investors tend to want to see hard numbers; they want to know that you have a plan set out for success and don’t just blow money on things that won’t increase your bottom line. With our template, you can easily download it and plug in your project numbers to get a solid visual of how your project will add to your business revenue.

It takes only a few minutes to download our template and use it with the excel program. Hundreds and even thousands of businesses will benefit from this simple outline. You can take a look at one of our sample project proposal budget template views to get an idea of what kind of numbers your investors will be able to look over. You can also add other items that show them exactly what your project will entail and how it will be a good thing for your business. When investors have a clear overview and see a truly well thought out idea, they tend to say “yes!”

Once you’ve downloaded our template, you can immediately begin using it with the excel program. We all know how beneficial excel has been over the years to businesses just like yours that need a way to simplify numbers and make projects come to life via the cold, hard facts. In business, it’s often a numbers game, not a plea from the heart. The charts and graphs that our template brings to life are your best argument for your project.


Our budget proposal template allows you to look at specific aspects of your project and then input that data so that you get a clear, slick proposal that speaks to the wallets of investors. The template is easy to use, crisp in its data, and allows you to look at many areas of your project, such as:

  • Resources
  • Income
  • Expenses of your project
  • Where your money will be going
  • How your project will make money

The more you can demonstrate that your project will make money, the more money your investors are likely to invest in your project. They can only invest if they see a crisp, clear overview of your project’s worth. Our templates give you just that asset as you seek out money from investors. You’ll be able to clearly evaluate and demonstrate how your project will add revenue to your business.

A Few Tips

A budget proposal of any kind needs to be very well thought out before you begin plugging numbers in. Make sure that you have a clear vision for what your project is going to do. Investors want specifics, and they want cold, hard numbers (cash). How much will you be spending on this project? How many people need to be involved and working on the project? How will this completed project funnel in new revenue to your business? Is there any way to make it sound better to investors?

Clearly thinking out your project before you get started working with the template is always a good idea, and you can get input from other team members as well. Don’t go this alone. If your project is a team project, you need to have other members of the team giving their opinions on where money should go and how to maximize the revenue of your project.

A proposal is just that: a proposed way for your business to make even more money. It can be tweaked or changed over time, but it needs to make the best overall first impression to your grant providers and investors. Without that solid foundation, no project is going to succeed. When you collaborate with your project’s members, you increase your chances of creating a stellar proposal that will be accepted and give you the funds you need to bring your project to life. Always think like an investor when you’re creating your proposal. If you were going to invest in this project, what numbers and information would you need to see before giving it the green light? Create your proposal with that vision in mind.

Grab it Today

Get your project off the ground with our project proposal budget template excel download. It takes mere minutes to be on your way outlining your project’s vision for potential grant providers and investors. Once you’ve got the download, gather all of your resources together, talk with your team, and bring this vision to life for the people who have the money to make it happen. Create a proposal that you yourself would be glad to finance.

Remember, we don’t just offer project budget proposal templates, either! You’ll find thousands of excel templates to choose from here that will tell the story of your business projects and help you plan and budget your business better. Don’t just stop with one template. Explore them all. Like any business owner or project manager, you want to have the best resources available for your business. Our templates will always be here when you need them to help you plan better and grow your business the way you truly want to.