Training Project Plan Template

Training Project Plan Template

Training Project Plan Template

A training project plan has several practical uses. It is a tool that can be used to outline all objectives of a planned project, and any requirements and strategies needed to complete it. Overall, a training project plan is used with the intention of giving its users the tools to work closer and more confidently with customers. A training project plan template usually contains sections for an introduction, points of contact, needs and skills analysis, requirements traceability, training methodology, training environment, training references, testing and evaluation, and a training schedule. Using a training project plan template can make constructing a training project plan a simple task, as each portion is outlined in an easy to understand format. Additionally, by utilizing a project training plan template excel spreadsheet this plan creates a comprehensive tool that is easy to adjust and provides all information in one organized area.

How to use a training project plan template

Using a project plan is incredibly simple. The first step is to assemble all pertinent data like personnel’s contact information, learning materials, desired objectives and skills, and intended training methods. Once all this information has been collected the only other step that needs to be completed is imputing the information into the appropriate categories. This may be time consuming depending on how intensive or large a project is, but the outcome is well worth it.

Features of a project training plan template.

  • Introduction. This section will review the main objectives of the training project plan. Additionally, it may list any prerequisites that are needed to work on the project.
  • Points of Contact. This section of the the training project plan will contain the contact information for all vital personnel members. This section makes for easy reference and allows for the correct individual to be contacted for any specific need.
  • Needs and Skills Analysis. This area of the plan contains information on all training that needs to occur. This can contain training for organization, identifying target audience members, learning objectives, and any skills needed to meet such objectives. This section should also include an in-depth look at how all training is developed, as well as a company’s specific needs.
  • Requirements Traceability. This portion of the training plan will provide detailed information on how all training requirements will be utilized by the company. It should also provide information on how training requirements pertain to the learning objectives.
  • Training methodology. This section will detail the exact techniques that will be used during training. This section should also include a list of all training and reference materials that can and should be used during training.
  • Training Environment. This area provides information on where training will occur.
  • Training References. This is a list of all training reference materials that will be provided to students.
  • Testing and Evaluation. This is an optional portion, as not all project training will require testing or evaluation to measure student performance. If it is included, it will include all scores and grades, as well as the methods that will be used for evaluation.
  • Training Schedule.

Optional tips for using a project training plan template excel spreadsheet.

  • It is very important that the reference material section is incredibly detailed. Form and document numbers, formats, and locations should all be noted. This makes materials easy to find.
  • The training schedule is a very crucial portion of the project training plan. This schedule should be constructed carefully with planned breaks in the training. A well-developed schedule allows for students and facilitators to be on the same timeline and have consistent points of reference.
  • It is incredibly important that all information contained in the training plan has been verified for accuracy. This ensures that students and facilitators alike are able to easily use the plan and obtain the desired training and education. Additionally, not checking for inaccuracies can result in more work later on as it can require the entire plan to be rewritten.

A project training plan can be an invaluable resource for students and management alike. A correctly utilized training plan can provide tools to companies who are looking to make their businesses more successful and ensure their employees are correctly trained for specific projects. Additionally, by completing a project training plan, employees may have access to new opportunities within a company, like access to future projects or more work. A precisely crafted training project plan creates a streamlined resource that provides information for all aspects of the intended training, and puts all that information into a single document that is easy to understand and use. And, by using a project training plan template excel spreadsheet creating a project training plan is an easy process, with the only real task that needs to be accomplished is entering all the appropriate data. Overall, using a template when creating a project training plan can make creating the document can provide busy business owners and management personnel with a time saving resource that can be an invaluable asset.