Quarterly Project Status Report Template

Quarterly Project Status Report

Quarterly Project Template Tracker

One of the hardest aspects of project management in business is trying to present information on the status of your projects in a manner that provides sufficient depth while still being succinct enough to keep the attention of the audience. Using a quarterly project status report template can help engage your audience as you present information in a manner that resonates. The key to doing this is to add an appropriate mix of charts, graphs and icons that is mixed in with your text.

The best part about this quarterly project status report template is that it can be used easily in excel on a spreadsheet. This means that you can leverage all of the formula functionality in this template to really make the data robust and up to date. Your quarterly project status report template spreadsheet will serve as the support you need to answer questions and provide the underlying detail as necessary. There will be no need to follow up with additional documents or leave the door open on questions that you need to address offline after the meeting has adjourned.

The goal of using a quarterly project status report template spreadsheet is to have it be so intuitive that it can quickly be understood by all functions in the organization as well as the C-Suite. This includes people who are not intimately aware of all the details of the projects that you are referencing. The quarterly project status report template excel brings instant credibility to your presentation. During these updates there are commonly pointed questions that often serve to validate the accuracy of the data. Your quarterly project status report template excel is set up to summarize a project’s status, but it also can easily show detail and a quick audit trail upon request. This will remove the back and forth that is often a big part of these presentations. You can feel confident that you are presenting a high level summary with sufficient supporting detail behind it.

The best part about these templates is that they are available to download for free online. Although they come with a standard set up, it is very easy to customize them to meet your own needs and artistic sensibility. The fact that the template is in excel will really serve to help you feel empowered to change the template to suit your needs. There is really no limit to where you can go with these templates because it helps you get to a point where you have something to g off of initially and you aren’t starting from a blank sheet of paper. This will help save you time and will let you focus more on actions that will have more of an impact on your company.

The best way to start this process is to look at all the templates that are out on the internet right now. The right template for you has to be a fit for your business and project portfolio as well. If you want to show a very high level view of the progress of your projects, you can easily show that with a progress bar. Charts or graphs can show very clear percentages. You can see by this simple illustration that there are many different approaches that can be used to get your point across in the right way. It is worth determining what the goal of your tracker is before choosing the template that will fit your needs in the best way.

The other feature that these project tracker templates have going in their favor is the use of a variety of icons. These icons can be chosen to emphasize a number of aspects of your projects and draw attention to areas of your project that need to be pointed out directly.

Then there are the color schemes that are a very underrated aspect of template trackers. Some people will want to incorporate the company or brand colors while others will use colors to note the success or shortcomings of a particular project. Blue and green are often used to project the health of a particular project whereas red is often a sign that a project is either behind schedule or behind budget.

The avenue that you take with regard to color schemes will have a big impact on how the message comes across. The uniqueness of the color that is used should really be taken into account when developing the project template tracker. The thing that you want to guard against is using straight black and white presentations because that can really be construed as boring and unattractive messaging.

The best part of these templates is that you can very easily get a very professional tracker up and running that you can leverage without many resources or planning needing to be devoted to it. At the same time, the uniqueness of your presentation can still be maintained if you take a little time to give a little thought to how you can make it your own. The thing that you need to remember is that the only limitation to these types of templates is your creativity. Use these templates as a great starting point and a jumping off point to make the tracker your own. If you get to the point where you have something that could be shared with others, please feel free to pay it forward by publishing it. Doing so will make this entire process come full circle.