Multiple Project Tracking Template

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Making Use of the Multiple Project Tracking Template

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when having to track multiple projects at one time? Perhaps you have missed critical deadlines or left out important tasks only to realize these oversights once it is all too late. The reality is that if you find yourself having to work on multiple projects at a time, then the likelihood of you overlooking a task or missing a deadline increases. If you have ever found yourself in these or similar unfortunate situations, then a Multiple Project Tracking Template may be the solution for you.

By using a Multiple Project Tracking Template you are able to see all necessary information regarding your projects at a glance. You will be able to track multiple projects at the same time, and you can help eliminate the chances of not finishing projects on time. This template can easily be set-up to your specifications using most word processing systems. However, if you lack the technical skills to create your own document, then you can easily download this version of a Multiple Project Tracking Template excel document free of charge to help you manage your projects and meet critical deadlines. The use of this spreadsheet will allow you to see a large overview of all projects, tasks, and deadlines at a glance.

How To Use

Once you have downloaded the Multiple Project Tracking Template excel template you will want to open it using compatible software on your computer. Next you should make sure that you have all the information for your projects at hand so that you can begin to enter it into the spreadsheet.

For each project you will begin by entering the project name under the task column. In the same column, underneath the project name, you will list each individual task required to complete said project. This is the fifth column from the left. After entering the project name, you should then write a brief description to notate what the project is about. Next you will document who the project is assigned to in the adjacent column. Following that, you will enter your deliverables for each task and the percentage complete. Finally, you should update fixed costs and estimated hours for the total project and individual tasks. Once this is completed, you should then go back and fill in the first four columns indicating whether the project or tasks are at risk and updating their status, priority, and deadline. Keep in mind that you can also customize your fonts and color scheme to your individual choosing.


The Multiple Project Tracking Template spreadsheet features many input fields which will be beneficial to you staying organized and on target for projects. With its many features keeping track of all of your projects in one place becomes a breeze. You will be able to organize each project by title, while entering critical components of tracking information into designated fields. You will be able to track each project with a broad overview broken down into projects, deliverables, costs and hours.

These broad sections are then separated into smaller designated sections. The projects section is further broken down to include tasks, descriptions, and an assigned section. The section for deliverables includes a section for individual deliverables along with a column to account for the percentage of work completed. The cost and hours section allows for documentation of fixed costs, estimated hours, and actual hours. Outside of these main sections each project also includes space to notate the project status, deadline, priority, and whether it is at risk or not. You are also able to color code sections to easily draw attention to impending priorities or upcoming deadlines. All of these features are carefully integrated into a Multiple Project Tracking Template spreadsheet to allow for easy project management.

Optional Tips

After you have initially updated your Multiple Project Tracking Template you should save it to your computer. Saving it directly to your desktop will allow for easy access, and help ensure that the tracker stays front and center in your mind. This can help make using it a daily habit, and in order to keep on task with projects you should review it at least once daily and make any necessary updates and changes. You will especially want to make note of percentage done for deliverables and actual hours. You should also come up with a color code system to designate your order of priorities and status and regularly update the status and priority columns as needed.

To give your project tracker a personal touch, you should consider adding your company logo and brand colors to the template. You can also customize it with your company fonts if need be. These few cosmetic additions can make it feel more customized to your needs and help to integrate it into your daily business use. Remember that the more you use your project tracker, the less likely you are to miss deadlines.