Project Status Tracking Template

Project Status Tracking Template

Project Status Tracking Template Excel

The life of the project manager can be supremely stressful. This is especially true if you are the kind of person who feels the need to know each and every thing that is going on with every aspect of the project. Without the use of some kind of organizational tool, this is a nearly impossible task. While the perfectionist and you will be happy to hear that there are templates available to help you with just this. A project status tracking plate will assist you in leading your team to successfully complete a project.
This is a great asset to have at your next presentation. It will allow you to not only be informed but also to inform others more easily and it looks short to boot. This project status tracking template will give you an easy way to keep track of each team member on your team, their progress on their assignment for the project, as well as allowing you to quickly identify notable issues that may derail your progress so that you can get ahead of the ball and chuckle them head-on confidently. At the end of the day, this will ultimately allow you as a project manager to have more productive meetings with your team members instead of just yelling at them to step on the gas and get on with the project incoherently.

How to Use Project Status Tracking Template Spreadsheet

the ability to use a project status tracking template spreadsheet is something that anyone can quickly learn. In this article, we are going to show you exactly what to do in order to effectively make use of this essential tool. Before we begin let’s make you have the required software. These templates were built using Microsoft Excel to make sure that you have access to this on your computer. Most computers and large corporations will already have this but if not go ahead and get yourself a copy.
After ensuring that you have access to Microsoft Excel you can go ahead and download the spreadsheet template so we can get started on tracking the status of the current project. Download the project status tracking template and open the file. Once the file has been open to you will quickly see that there are a number of columns and rows each with a different purpose and function. Let’s start with the first one.
At the very top of the page, you will see a section titled progress and another for items that require assistance or escalation. In these cells, you need to put whatever the most notable progress and achievements that you and your team have made on the current project and anything that requires immediate attention or help. Ask your teammates for suggestions on what to put in these and brainstorm these yourself. Once you have compiled the items that you need to place them into the cells.
The next part of the spreadsheet has a section for milestones. In the milestone section, you will place the description of any and every milestone that you and your team have accomplished on the project. Make this brief so that you can fit all of it into the cell. Then go ahead and fill out the rest of the cells in this row. You need to print the date that the milestone was achieved as well as the person who was responsible for achieving this word meaning that hopes to achieve this. The final cell will have a section for any additional notes that you are your teammates feel needs to be on the spreadsheet.
The next section of the spreadsheet will give you an area to place the top five concerns or risks that are currently facing the project and order them in order of importance. The very first sell will give you space where you can put a description of whatever the current risk or issue is. Put as much detail as you can into this space so that not only you will understand what it is but any of the teammates that you have working on the project at the time. Next, you will put the severity. You will rank these as one of three options: low, medium, or high. Make sure that you fill this out so that way it is easy to see where you need to focus most of your attention. Finally, you will have a cell that you can put whatever actions that your team needs to take in order to alleviate this problem. This is especially helpful as a project manager because you cannot always talk in detail with each and every team member even if you would like to. Once this is complete fill in the final cell which is simply going to have a space that can put whoever is responsible for this item.
Congratulations now you have completed your project status management spreadsheet. We recommend that you save a copy of this on your computer before printing it out. That way you can update it easily in the future and you can also spread it through email or other electronic means to anyone on your team even if they are very far away pretty much instantly. At the end of the day, time is everything in project management and as we both know it is difficult to make up for the lost time.
Now that you have saved your copy of the spreadsheet on your computer it is time to print it out. Go ahead and open up your print options menu so that way you can see the print preview. Double-check to make sure that everything looks correct before you print out. It would be a waste of paper to print it out with any mistakes. If there are any issues such as cells being cut off from the sheet then go ahead and click on your print options button so that you can adjust some of the settings. Once everything looks perfect go ahead and print it out.

Additional Tips on Project Status Tracking Template Excel

Managing a project can be difficult. It doesn’t have to be that way. If for any reason you find that this template is not exactly what you and your team are looking for then do not worry. There are a ton of other options that can fill almost any niche available on the website. Check out our project management template section to see if there are any other options that would be a better fit for your team. The most important part of these spreadsheets is making sure that you update them regularly and that you get a copy into the hand of every member on your team.