Character Analysis Sheet Template

Character Analysis Sheet Template

The Character Analysis Sheet Template: Why It Is A Popular Tool Among Practicing Psychologists and Other Working Professionals


A character analysis sheet template is a helpful resource used to document a person’s internal and external qualities. The template is very popular in the field of psychology.

Psychologists use it to further understand why a person does or says certain things. The job of a psychologist is to get to the bottom of why their patient is there. Everyone has a set of internal and external moving parts. The only way to figure out why the person is suffering is to further understand those moving parts.

Now, this template is not just useful in a doctor’s line of work. It can be used by anyone who wants to understand the moving parts of a character. Working actors sometimes use this tool to get more of a perspective on the character they play. Writers and editors also use one when creating content.

It mostly comes in MS Word and PDF formats, but can be used with other valuable online software programs.

Character Analysis Sheet Template Spreadsheet

Below you will find several types of character analysis sheet templates that people use every day. Some of these are not going to be for everyone. It just depends on your current needs.

1)The Film Character Analysis Sheet Template Spreadsheet

This one does come in a PDF format. However, it will work with your current excel programs. This is a great option for tv and filmmakers looking to create characters that are more in-depth than usual. Now, you can download the free version online if you want.

You could also Google options for physical software. I recommend that you download the template.

2)The Character Analysis Outline

This is great for writers(like me) that want to create an outline for characters they want to create. Graduates of the Acting School use this one regularly. It also comes in PDF format. You can create an outline as diverse and intricate as you need. It gives you room to navigate as you wish.

Some of you might have already found an option for a character analysis sheet template excel program that does the same thing as the outline. Good news! You can combine the character analysis sheet template excel program with the one you already have. Using both will give your character analysis outline more detail and comprehensiveness.

3)The Analysis Of Drama Character

This is another character template that might be useful. Part of creating a character analysis is to listen to what the person has to say. Everything we learn about a character is there to teach us. This template is there to help.

4)Sample Analysis

Sometimes using a sample is helpful. A sample is there to provide us with an example of what we could expect. There are templates for this very thing. This is a great template for those looking to get started with the craft of character analysis.

Another aspect of character analysis is to understand the role the character plays. What leads them up to this moment? What happened to them in their former years that shaped who they are now?

Creating a character analysis involves every aspect of the person, their life, and the situations they have been through. The template worksheet offers a sample guide for you to follow.

Tips On Writing A Character Analysis Online Using The Templates Available

1) You need to begin with the name of the character you are analyzing. You also need to write down the title of the book, movie, or format where the character comes from.

2) The next thing you need to include in the template analysis is the setting. The setting is very important to the story. When and where the story takes place does affect the outcome.

3) What about the personal information? You need to include everything you can think of, including their religion and sexuality. Sexuality does play a role. Sexuality affects the outcome of a character from conception to adulthood. It also sheds light on why things happened to them the way they did.

The template will help create a comprehensive guide to who the character is and why.

4) What kind of relationships do the characters have? That can include everything from casual acquaintances to romantic and sexual involvements. Who the person spends time with is very important to the overall picture of his or her role.

5) You will also need to include the full history(or as much as you can get). History can include everything from childhood and school experiences to what they go through in their adult years. All of this is important to creating a well-rounded character.

Final Thoughts

Using the template, you can create a role that serves as anything from the good guy( the protagonist) to the villain(the antagonist). The template is going to help round out your major, minor, the stereotypical, and foils.

There are free versions of these templates available to you online. You can also use the essay template features to create well-rounded content in addition to what you have with the template.

You might not be able to include everything in the final draft, but the template is there to offer you guidance.