Company Fact Sheet

Company Fact Sheet Template


A fact sheet is a document that is written or a form of data representation about the significant points of an aspect. A company’s fact sheet provides information about the company, the product or services they use, and any other meaningful information about it.
They contain information like the name of the company, the Executive management of the company, the founder, the business partners, nature of the business run by the company. Include a list of the products and services and some information on how the company has evolved since inception.

Everything that is listed on Company Fact Sheet Template needs to be genuine & accurate and have an actual basis, lest it causes a lot of trouble for a lot of making, making a fact sheet is not an uphill task. All you are required to do is to collect all the information. Make sure it is from a dependable source and transfer it onto a piece of paper.

Making the document comprehendible and alluring is what beats most people. You can accomplish this by using a Company Fact Sheet Template excel. A corporation has many departments; therefore, there are various Company Fact Sheet Template Spreadsheets that should be created, and they all come in multiple formats.

How to write a fact sheet template
-Select your preferred paper size and set the margins
– select a relatable illustration or picture for the fact sheet. Be sure to make it attractive and catchy. This will ensure that a lot more people read it.
-plan out the information and organize it from the most important to the least.
-select a layout for the fact sheet, and make sure that it is easy to comprehend it.
-ensure and check for any errors, either grammatical or spelling faults.
Pointers for developing a fact sheet

Even with the readily accessible and ready-made Company Fact Sheet Template, some individuals prefer to create their own. This could be either they are trying to get things done, or they are making an impression. Whichever it is, here are a few highlights you could use;
• Choose the orientation for the Company Fact Sheet Template Spreadsheet.
• A one-pager with just the critical data or the facts related to its purpose is paramount. Even though your statistics may be spot-on, it is more efficient to write on things that apply to how you intended to use the fact sheet.
• Ensure that the fact sheet follows an appropriate layout for its use, for example, the indentation, spacing, and the margin.
• There are particular layout criteria for precise fact sheets. Some individuals will have a preferred layout; they would want you to use it when creating a fact sheet.
• Even when trying to make the fact sheet interesting, make sure the font and the font size you use are clear and easy to read.
• If possible, create the fact sheet in bullet form
• When writing about yourself, be honest, and be careful not to exaggerate.
• Wrong information on a fact sheet creates a paradox; therefore, make sure to get your Intel from a reliable and consistent source. Make references where possible
• Create your fact sheet to be colorful and attractive. This will be more alluring to more people.
• Never fail to proofread and spell-check your work
How To Cite A Fact Sheet

Since the information on the Company Fact Sheet Template excel is accurate, this means they can be used as a report, presentation, or research references. Here are some of the common ways;
1. The person or organization who compiles the fact sheet is the author’s name.
2. The title of your fact sheet is what goes on the citation. Not the title of the source for your facts.
3. If the fact sheet is in a magazine or a book, follow the citation guidelines for books or magazines.

How to create a Company Fact Sheet Template excel
Define the header- this will give a general direction to the fact sheet and will also act as the title of the page. It is optional to add contact information and dates in this section. It is important to note that when you share responsive links, you can update your header, change it or turn it off for anyone with the link

Add the crucial details- in this section, add a short company’s description and include essential details such as the size of the company, when it was established, the type and industry, and the location. Use the company’s logo to emphasize the recognition of the brand.
Adjust the footer- here, insert contact details, the website links and add in social media platform links on this section.

Insert ‘Call to Action’- this should be in line with the purpose of the fact sheet. If the aim is to interest an investor, add an email form module. If the fact sheet is meant for sales, include an email or number that people can reply to.

Summarize the vision and mission- you can use a larger bolded font for the company’s slogan. Explain the grounding principles and the long-term objectives of the company briefly.
Product & service description- give a brief statement on how your brand is beneficial to your clients, and state the advantages you have over your adversaries. Refrain from using jargon as much as possible. Stick to only the significant information to cite appropriate facts. This will heighten the reader’s curiosity rather than throwing them off.

State your market fit- this component will allow you a display of the industry’s ecosystem. It will serve to show where the company stands. Therefore, the readers gain the general broad-spectrum of the company. Utilize scale charts and other elements to illustrate the realities of the company. It is important to highlight the existing alternatives to the product or service you provide.

Highlight important events- by listing the milestones and accomplishments, you create an overview of the growth of the company. Mention essential functions such as fundraising, product launches, usage metrics, and the sales and revenues highlights. This enhances the credibility of your corporation or the product.

Create a summary of the business metrics- outline the most significant parameters that represent the company’s progress. Display the noteworthy metrics based on data recorded throughout a considerable amount of time. Indicate on the methodologies applied to measure success, such as churn rates, conversion, and retention. If the company is still young, you may use appropriate industry-linked metrics, which will showcase the perspective of your idea.
Classify your clientele- consolidate your customers into segments depending on how they benefit from your business to give insight to the readers. If you have vital customers, you can add them here.