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Event Fact Sheet Template

What Is An Event Fact Sheet?
A fact sheet is a good way to visually present key points about a topic to a target audience in a format that is clear and easily understood. A fact sheet can include images, charts and other files to help make your fact sheet more interesting as well as to help your audience understand the information you wish to convey. Fact sheets are based on facts so it is important to be sure that the information on your fact sheet is true and can be backed up with evidence.

It is not hard to make a good event fact sheet. Event fact sheets provide your target audience with a summary of an event by simply sharing the facts about the event. Your audience will learn about the type of event it is and it’s purpose or the goal associated with the event, the budget for the event, who will be attending and who the contact person is for the event. Some event fact sheets can even include where the audience can find out more about the event. After gathering the information about your event from a source that is reliable, you can easily design an attractive event fact sheet that draws your audience in by downloading an event fact sheet template which can be found here.

How To Structure Your Event Fact Sheet
A good event fact sheet easily catches the reader’s attention and is easy to understand. You only have one page to get your information out to the reader so carefully select the facts about the event that you want to include and be sure to present them in an order that makes sense. The structure of your fact sheet should be:

– Headline: An interest catching headline that also summarizes the type of event your fact sheet is about is a great place to start. Now that you have the reader’s attention and interest, inform them about your event.

– Summary: Following your headline, write a summary regarding the important information you want to share. It’s a good idea to write about the information you want to include from the most important to the least important in case the reader doesn’t read the whole event fact sheet. If the reader doesn’t read the whole fact sheet, it is more than likely that the information you wanted them to know was what the reader did read. Now that you have shared with the reader the important information about the event that you wanted them to know, be sure you support your summary.

– List Of Facts: Follow up with a list of facts that support the information about the event that you just summarized. Use images or even charts and graphs to show vital information about the event that is attention-grabbing and keep the reader interested to know more about your event.

– Call To Action: Conclude your event fact sheet with a call to action that is compelling and persuasive. An example of this could be something like an invitation to learn more or a discount if they attend the event.

Now that you have the structure for your fact sheet, you need to make your fact sheet attractive and that is what an event fact sheet template is for. Templates for excel can make the presentation for your fact sheet stand out from all of the rest and are easy to use. For the most part, the structure is already laid out for you to just fill in and customize so you can be sure to catch the attention of people who are passing by.

Formatting Your Event Fact Sheet
– If you want to be able to grab your reader’s attention, they need to be able to read your fact sheet. Choose a font that is appropriate for the event while remaining easily readable. Also, select a font size that can be seen easily. The last thing you want is people squinting to read your fact sheet as they will quickly lose interest.

– Keep your sentences short and use simple terms. The easier your event fact sheet can be understood, the better it will be. If people have to look up the meaning of a word on your fact sheet, you will probably lose their interest before they use a dictionary.

– Try to use bulleted lists as much as possible and avoid long paragraphs. Most people don’t want to read a big block of text and prefer to just have the information that matters in front of them instead.

Next, always remember to cite where your information came from so that the reader knows your information is credible and if you have some form of advertisement for your event such as a website or a phone number that the reader can use to learn more about your event, always conclude your event fact sheet with it if you want your event fact sheet to be as effective as it can be.

What Is An Event Fact Sheet Template Spreadsheet?
By using an event fact sheet template excel you can easily create an event fact sheet spreadsheet in minutes instead of hours. Give this event fact sheet template spreadsheet a try and see how easy it is to just fill in the blanks and customize your event fact sheet template excel presentation to fit your needs and really make a statement to your audience.