Garment Spec Sheet Template

Garment Spec Sheet Template

Garment Spec Sheet Template

If you are a designer, it is important to keep your vision clear. It is not enough to rely on nothing but your creativity, wits, and talent. Communicating and presenting your ideas and vision is just as crucial as having one. It is critical to make sure that everyone can understand and see your vision as it is authentically made by you. Misinterpretation is just money and time wasted. In order to avoid that, you must rely on the organization.

For writers, they rely on organizing by making outlines and summaries. In architecture, it is not just about drawing a building; it cannot exist without a blueprint. As fashion designers, you should rely not just on your creativity and skill but also on an established garment spec sheet.
First and foremost, you must understand what a garment spec sheet is. A garment spec sheet or a garment specification sheet is the somewhat outline for any production of a garment. It is an important tool for you to be able to get your design concept across to other people. This is also an essential tool that provides the necessary components needed to manufacture the garments to ensure that it is executed correctly. It contains intricate details about the product such as the technical diagram or drawing of the garment, the measurement, the remarks and comments, the instruction for workmanship, the stitching details to be used, the stitch classes and the seam types to be used, the fabric type, etc. This may sound like a lot but it’s important to have a guideline for sample makers when the concept of your design is on paper. You can make your own or simply just download a garment spec sheet template.

What is included in This Particular Template?
• The Sketch – This is the front and back drawing of the garment with the details of measurement that can be drawn by hand or by computer. This is the outlook or concept of the entire garment.
• Details of the Fabric – This includes the swatches or colors, width and length, and fiber content.
• Points of Measure – This includes the different sizes of the item and this is used to ensure that the garment has the correct and precise measurements.
• Print Instructions – This includes information regarding the kind of print the garment has and where it is placed.
• Embroidery – This contains the size and type of embroidery and where it is placed.
• Stitch Instructions – This consists of the details of the type of stitch, thread, and length.
• Washing the Garment – This is used for knowing the kind of wash finish the garment will have (i.e. denim apparel)
• Instructions for Accessories – This contains details of the supplier, trim, product codes on the fastenings, and fiber content.
• Instructions for Labelling – This contains details for where to properly place the brand logo and care labels.
• Remarks and Comments – This section is for you to add any necessary comments about the construction of the garments such as the methods to use when manufacturing them.

How to Use the This Particular Template

First, you will need to download the free garment spec sheet template into your computer. This is a garment spec sheet template spreadsheet that can be applied for any type of garment. This all depends on the kind of garment you want to make a template for. Using a garment spec sheet template spreadsheet makes it easier to fill in any necessary details about your garment and makes it easier for the manufacturer to interpret your concept. This particular template is quick and easy to use.

Second, fill in the necessary details about you such as your name and phone number. Then, click the tabs below that to enter the style number, country of origin, designer, pattern maker, grader, and season. Include a description of the description tab.

Third, click the tab under the fabric type and fiber content and fill those in. Then, click the tab under the width and length to fill in the width and length of the fabric. Type in the colors for these fabrics after clicking under the colors tab. Make sure to input any instructions for care labeling. After that, click the tabs under the size range, labels, and label position and input the accurate size ranges and labels.

Fourth, the sewing specifications are crucial so do not forget to type in the tread type, code, and machine use under the tabs. The needle size is also provided for you. The rest is pretty simple. All you need to do is fill in the blank tabs under the labels and you are good to go.

Extra Tips on Using the Garment Spec Sheet

Another good thing about this template is that you can change anything you want from the description header to a larger tab that includes the garment drawing or sketch. Take note that not all the boxes may apply to your specific needs. You can change them appropriately and apply what you need. If you are unsure of what to include in your garment spec sheet, the garment spec sheet template excel is there to guide you on the basics on what to focus on in terms of your garment.

You can always add more relevant information for accuracy. You can add details about the points of measure like the different measurements of sleeves, waist, etc. Focus on the technical aspects of your garment.

Quick and easy, the garment spec sheet template does half of the work for you. You do not need to worry about making your own garment spec sheet template excel. After understanding this information, you can now move toward making your garment with a guideline. With this template, your vision and concept can be executed with more ease. This template can also help ensure that your garments are in perfect condition and are in great quality. Ultimately, downloading the garment spec sheet is a blueprint that helps you save time and money.