Household Budget Worksheet Template

Household Budget Worksheet Template

How A Household Budget Worksheet Template Can Help You and Your Family


Taking care of a household is a big responsibility, no matter how large or small yours is. That is why you need so much help. You cannot do this alone. That is why using a household budget worksheet template can be of benefit.

Let’s talk about what a household budget template is:

A household budget worksheet is an organized and itemized template that shows you expected expenditures and various incomes that you have to work with. That way you can pay for those expenditures.

It can also track your routine spending habits. The template gives you an idea of where your household money is going every month. Some of you could spend more than you should without knowing. How are you going to know if you do not have a directive to help guide you?

That is the reason why the household budget worksheet template spreadsheet was created.

What Are Some of the Features Of A Household Budget Worksheet Template Spreadsheet

1) Every worksheet template has an accurate spending feature. Sometimes you need other features to help plan your spending for the house.

That is why some of you might be spending more money than you have. Some of the household templates have an app you can use to track your spending habits. You might be surprised at how much you spend on any given month.

You can create a more efficient budget once you understand where you spend your money and why.

2) Another feature of the household budget worksheet template spreadsheet are the spending categories. The next thing you need to do after you have an accurate depiction of your spending is to create a section for the spending.

Some of the options could include essentials, extra, and splurging habits. That is just an example of something you can create. What this feature does is keep your spending organized into different categories. The difference between the first feature gives you an overview. This option breaks it down for you.

3) The reason some budgets fail is that you build your plan around what you expect to make. The problem with that is what you think you make is not always the right amount. You need to know how much money is coming in(for real), nor what you imagine is going to come.

Some people think they can make the difference up later. You might be able to make the difference up. That is another reason some budgets fail. That is why you should consider downloading or creating a household budget worksheet template excel software program.

You also have to consider your monthly deductions and taxes. That could be a reason why your income is a little irregular.

4) The next feature is for irregularities in the budget. It is very easy to get stuck in your normal routine. You need to keep in mind the extra expenses. Those expenses come up every few months or so(a car repair bill or insurance is a good example of that).


One thing you need to keep in mind for your household budget worksheet template excel program is your cash spending and savings. Do you have enough in savings for a rainy day? Do you have enough to make a cash purchase? Those are questions you can answer with the budget template. That way you can stay on track more efficiently.

One Final Note:

A budget template might seem a bit restrictive, but it can help reduce your tendencies to overspend or buy on impulse. Some people like to tell their paycheck what to do. That could be a reason why many of you are in the position you are in. You are spending more than you can afford to.

Letting your paycheck dictate where the money goes is a better way to stay in control. There are many people driven by impulse buying. A budget worksheet is going to keep the impulse buying to a minimum.

Impulse buying does not just hurt the family budget. Impulse buying can create friction within the family, particularly on those who feel that luxury spending is not in the family’s best interest.

Some Tips On Using A Household Budget Worksheet Template

1) The first thing you need to do is determine what your take-home pay is. I am talking about the real amount, not the one you imagined in your head. This tip works for those who are self-employed(like me) and those who work for someone else.

Some people start spending money before they have it. I have been guilty of that myself too.

Take the number and subtract any obligations you have at the present moment. The number you are left with is the money you have to work with. Do not forget to type the numbers into your computer’s spreadsheet.

2) What monthly expenses are you going to have? Type in the amount you expect to spend for everything you write down. That is the amount you need to set aside for the month, give or take a few dollars.

3) The next thing you do is figure out how much you can afford to spend. Sometimes the amount you can afford to spend is a little less than what the original number. Some of your spendings might not be reasonable, even if it is necessary. You might have to look for a cheaper alternative for some of the necessities.

It does not hurt to switch to something generic if you need to get back on track. A generic product works just as well as the brand. The only difference is the name. You pay extra for the name, that is it.

Nighttime activities are a great example to discuss. Say, for instance, your budget can only account for 10%. The problem is you are spending 20% or higher. That means you are going over budget. You might need to cut back in this area.

4) You need to track your spending. That tip goes for everyone in the family. You have every right to ask your partner and/or kids to cut back in some areas if you are making the same sacrifice.

You need to track your monthly goals. Go over everything on the budget template at the end of the year. The template will show you whether or not you have stayed on track.