Open House Sign In Sheet Template

Open House Sign-In Sheet Template

One of the best ways to maximize the time and effort of holding an open house is to have everyone attending sign in. Using an Open House Sign in Sheet Template allows for consistency in gathering data that will assist you in managing your real estate business. Use this template to make this aspect of your real estate business easy and welcoming to your open house visitors.

Best of all, these templates are easy to use. Because the templates are already created, all you need to do is customize the Open House Sign In Sheet Template spreadsheet in any way that you feel will enhance the tool file already prepared for you. All you need is access to excel and you will be able to make the template your own creation that suits the needs of your business.

The Open House Sign In Sheet Template excel spreadsheet is exactly what you are looking for and can be changed each time you use it. By gathering the data included in the Open House Sign In Sheet Template spreadsheet for every open house, you will be constructing your client database for buyers currently seeking homes, and future sellers as well. The space provided for an email address is an opportunity to send your monthly newsletters and increase the number of times your name passes in front of the recipient. The space for phone numbers gives you the opportunity for nearly immediate contact with visitors.

The templates are set up to be easily modified in the way that best suits your business needs. Simply double-click on the desired template link and it will download. Click on the downloaded file to open in excel. This will open the file in excel and you will be able to customize the template to the way you want it. If you aren’t sure how to customize the template, it is simple and something almost anyone can do.

How to Modify the Templates

Save the template as an excel document so that you will be able to save the file as you work. You can import your company logo from another file. You just need to have access to the logo so that you can copy and paste it onto the template. Remove or add any information as desired. If you want to add a box asking for broker information, simply decide the best place to add it and insert rows or columns wherever you feel is the best placement.

To change the color of the fonts, click on the cells including fonts that need to be changed. If you hold down the “Ctrl” key and use your mouse to click on the individual cells that need to be changed, all you need to do is click on the menu “Home” table and click on the icon to change font color (the letter A with a red bar under it). Use this icon to select the desired color.

To change the background color, click on the cells to be changed and from the home tab, click on the icon to change the “fill” color. This is the picture of a paint can with the yellow bar underneath the paint can. Select the appropriate color and change the background colors if desired by repeating the process as necessary. The template is easy to use and it will work with your excel software to create useful documents to promote your business. Save your changes and you will have a template ready for use when you need it for your open house needs.

How to Use the Templates

If you are wondering how this will help you with your listing, remember that this template is used to gather information. Use the information provided to offer statistics to your seller. By having this information at the beginning of the walk through the property, the Open House Sign In Sheet Template excel spreadsheet can provide conversation starters while people are there inside the home. If you miss the visitors and don’t have an opportunity to get visitor impressions of the property before they leave, the Open House Sign In Sheet Template requests the phone number of visitors and with the phone number, you will still have the chance to get useful feedback. This can provide you with just the information you need to report to your sellers.

Plus, the Open House Sign In Sheet Template will give you the number of visitors at a glance. Compare the number of visits with the weather, sporting events, neighborhood activities to formulate the best times to have open houses in a particular neighborhood. That’s right, you will have information for future listings as well as the current listing. And the templates are so easy to work with. You will be able to print the Sign In sheets and have a neat and uniform request for information that does not intimidate you or the visitors by asking for too much information.

In short, the Open house Sign in Sheet template spreadsheet has space to gather the information you need to make every open house worth the effort. Records of the open houses will also provide support for your activities related to each home sale. Use the free template to build your client base and sell your listings. Using the template is easy and intuitive. You know what information you need. You can easily modify the template to include the information that is important to you and your business. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a professional document that works for you. It is all set up and ready for your changes. Download your free template and be ready for your next open house in minutes.