Weekly Time Sheet Template

Weekly Timesheet Template

The Weekly TimeSheet Template: The Most Important Facts You Should Concern Yourself With


A weekly timesheet template is something that keeps track of your employees, including the hours they worked. This is a great template for any employee(whether you have one or a hundred plus). Those are the people who work from home or other remote areas.

What Are Some of the Features of the Weekly Timesheet Template

There are five versions of the weekly timesheet template excel software. Which one is best to use? It depends on what you need the template for. Below you will find the five options available. You can choose based on your current needs.


The first one is the basic weekly timesheet template excel option. Do you only have one employee working for you right now? Your business is probably smaller than most. This option might be a better option.

This is a single card that you can print out using the weekly timesheet template spreadsheet provided to you. This is for one week. All you do is enter the employee’s name and pertinent information, including the start and end times. The system does the rest.

This might sound like a basic spreadsheet and it is. You do not need much more than that. The reason is that it does not take much work for you. That is why it is great for employers who have one employee, maybe two(or at most, three).


There is a weekly timesheet template spreadsheet with lunch breaks. Some employers are not as concerned about the start and end times as they are about the lunch breaks. Some employees take extensive lunch breaks(thinking their boss is not going to find out). Think again! Employers know what the employees are up to even if they do not say anything.

The weekly timesheet template spreadsheet option will help you keep track of everyone. All you do is enter in the times and the template does everything else.

The way you know whether your employees are being honest with you or not.


There is a weekly template with hourly rates. This option is not always about keeping track of your employees. Sometimes you have too much to do and need some help. That is where the weekly template with hourly rates is handy.

Let’s say that Michael has twenty or more employees working for him. There is no way Michael can keep track of everything himself. That is why the weekly template with hourly rates.

This is a ready-for-print option. All Michael has to do is enter the information, and then, let the system take care of everything else. Michael does not have to do it himself either. Michael can give one out to all the employees and pick them up later.

It is going to save Michael a lot of time later.


The fourth option is the weekly timesheet with a task section. Do you ever wonder if jobs are completed on time? Do you wonder if your employees are milking the timetable so they can get more money in their check?

Now is your chance to find out.

This worksheet allows you to keep track of the time your employees are spending on something. It also allows you to see whether or not they are the right person for the job.

Sometimes if you spend too much time on something, you have oftentimes chosen the wrong person for the job. This weekly timesheet lets you see where your money is going. You can make sure that the company money is well=spent.


Does your payroll system only payout every two weeks? I used to work for a company that did that. You do not need something that functions weekly if that is the case. It does not make sense to do double work for one paycheck. That is why you need the biweekly payroll template worksheet.

You can print the sheet at any time. It also comes equipped with all the rates and hours calculated. Everything is completed for you as long as you provide the information.

Some Tips On Using A Timesheet Template

1) Customize every employee within the template. Not every employee uses the same protocols. Some employees work at different hours and rates. Customize everything for every person that way each person is paid what is owed to them.

2) The second thing you need to do is upload the documents to the Cloud and share it with your employees. That way they can make adjustments to the hours( if needed). You can also see it through Cloud sharing what your employees are doing.

It is also a great way to keep track of suspicious behavior that you might suspect from certain people on your staff.

3) Does your employee need to change anything( as I mentioned above). Have them do it online and send it to you right away. You might also need to use the “cc” option id someone else in the company needs to have the information.

4) The last thing to mention is about saving a copy. You always make a backup of whatever you do online. I do not care if you have already shared the file with someone.

You could just ask the person for a copy, but that defeats the purpose of the resources you have at your disposal. Save at least one copy( maybe two) to the Cloud.

Something could crash tomorrow. What are you going to do without a backup if that happens? Starting over from the beginning is going to cause delays for other things. You can access the information once it is backed up on the Cloud for as long as you need it.

One Final Tip

Clear everything once the new week begins. Do the same if you think on a biweekly schedule. Keeping the old data could change things with the new schedule. That is what you have the backup copies for.