Horizontal/Event Monthly Calendar Template

Horizontal/Event Monthly Calendar Template

The Use Of A Horizontal Event Calendar Template

The idea of buying a hard copy calendar at your local store does not happen in today’s market unless you are going for the cute dog, landscape, or a popular themed date calendar. With the advent of computers, printers, and the online experience now you can get a free printable calendar with just a click, all online. Let’s go on a journey to show how to get and how to use a handy Sunday 2020 calendar.

Getting Started

You can search and find many companies that will have downloadable free printable calendars, some will be using macro’s that are verified in some situations by Microsoft. The first step is to download the template to get started using it, ensure if it does have micro’s during the download turn these on so it will function properly. When the download is complete you can simply open it either in Word or another program that you choose, as a rule the program will prompt you to choose which program you want to run the application with. The next step is now opening the calendar up and start working with it. If you are familiar with Excel, then it is very easy to make the free calendar template work for you.


The insert feature works the same as it does in your program you used to load the calendar with, if you want to insert a picture you can easily do that. You can resize it to fit the frame of the square. The insert function works well with tables and even shapes. There are many possibilities with the 2020 calendar and the best part it’s a printable calendar. Once you have finished you can print them out to use where ever you would like. You can also have just a plain blank calendar if you choose, this is a one of the calendars that work for you. This calendar always starts on Sunday as well.

At the top you can select the ‘calendar’ ribbon and you will also be able to apply assorted color schemes to the 2020 calendar. There is another function for font style in the calendar 2020 that allows you to change that as well for the heading and the text font which you can customize by clicking on the customize link on the bottom on the fonts tab. There is a themes section that has pre-designed elements, it has set colors, and set font styles. With the free printable calendar, you can add text for schedule’s, things to do, and important appointments.

With this free calendar you can also click on the draw icon in the top left of Word and use your pens. This is a great way to highlight important dates or ideas with this free calendar. There are many calendars that work and have various styles, this calendar template is easy to use. The next features for the calendar 2020 is that you can use is inserting icons, these can be put in line with text or text wrapping with the ability to anchor it with these free printable calendars.

The calendar 2020 offers a way for you to change the date of month and date of year in this calendar template. This is a useful tool you can use on a blank calendar to print out multiple months and years of this template. All the options that you have in the program that you loaded the calendar in is at your fingertips. The use of word art can even be used and make stylish calendars or use it to bring attention to a certain date with special word art. The borders function comes in handy if you are wanting to make a border around your calendar and you can change the size, shade, and color of the borders.

More Uses

Another great idea to use this for is to keep track of exercising, when you are doing multiple sets of weight lifting you can have a whole month or more scheduled out. Once you have completed it you can then use your highlighter to mark this off, it makes the idea of exercising so much more fun. You can also use this to track your progress while losing weight as well. The blank calendar can come in handy when you are using it to write down your weight everyday to keep track. Birthdays are one other great idea to use this calendar with and make it fun by adding the extra icons, word art, or a photo of the person that has an upcoming birthday. Anniversaries is another great date that can be used for this calendar along with a photo. The last idea is to download, work with, and print out calendars to give as gifts to people, everybody needs a calendar to keep up with all the busy appointments everyone has in today’s lifestyles.