Academic Calendar Template

Academic Calendar Template

This 2020 Academic Calendar is the best tool to use for both students and parents to keep their hectic and busy lives more organized. The schedule of a student has a lot of moving parts, with reminders and deadlines and events… it’s easy to be overwhelmed and get lost in the planning. The Academic Calendar Template for Excel is completely free and reusable for any year, saving you both time and money. Win Win! All you need to do is enter the information you want to remember on a certain date, and the template will store that information for you. The design of this calendar is exactly that of a simple paper calendar, giving you the ability to print the document and use it that way as well. This 2020 printable calendar is essential for student organization and time management. Never forget another important school event or assignment again with this convenient (and free!) calendar template download!

Using the Academic Calendar Template

Start by downloading the template document to your computer. Simply click the link located at the bottom of this page to begin downloading the calendar.

Next, select the current year at the top left-hand corner of the spreadsheet. To do this, simply use the navigation arrows next to the year to indicate the year you want to work in. The document will automatically format the monthly calendars, so don’t worry about setting each of these up manually. Simply enter in your selected year, and the rest will auto format for you. The best part of Excel calendar templates, the software streamlines everything for you. All you have to worry about is customization of the design, entering in all required events, assignment due dates, project deadlines, appointments and much more. This template saves you time, stress, and missed deadlines! Download one of our templates today, choose from multiple calendars that work. This free calendar is also printable! Access this document online using Google Sheets, through your files selecting this document, or print it out and hang it on the fridge or student bulletin board.

To print this blank calendar, simply select ‘File’ from the top right hand corner, and then click ‘print’. It’s as simple as that! Be sure though, to enter in all events and important information into the printable calendar before printing, to ensure your family and student are referencing the correct calendar version!

Looking for calendars that work for you and make like simpler? This free calendar template sectioned off into month-by-month tabs, with each calendar month receiving their own full sheet. Once you’ve downloaded the 2020 calendar, the first month shows examples of the various entries one can make on the calendar template. You can move to future months and add in events and reminders, so that you never miss a thing! Keep previous month sheets to refer to past events or deadlines for data analyzation or as a place to save notes/details conveniently all in one location.

You can add new entries or replace old/mistaken entries simply by clicking inside the cell you wish to edit and start typing. Excel will update all sheets to reflect the changes, but be sure to save calendar template so you don’t lose any changes!

When you are ready to begin a new month sheet, simply scroll down the page and the next month will be there. Be successful this school year! Stay organized with the 2020 calendar, it’s a printable calendar from your favorite Excel templates source! Download your free calendar below today!

Top Features of the Academic Calendar Excel Template
Formatted for easy printing
Easily customizable design
Everything you need is on one tab