Corrective Action Plan Template

Corrective Action Plan Template

Corrective Action Plan Template

Pretty much anyone who has experience working in management can tell you that the most difficult part will always be disciplining employees. Contrary to popular belief the majority of people who work as managers do not enjoy taking corrective action on their employees. For the most part, it simply comes down to what is necessary for the success of the business. Each and every business has its own set of unique challenges and issues. Sometimes these are caused by human errors. In these situations, it is important for the manager to have a systematic way to approach disciplinary action. One of the most effective ways to go about this process is to use a corrective action plan.

Now you may be wondering what if I do not have a corrective action plan? Lucky for you there are a number of corrective action plan template examples out there that you can download in order to make effective use of an existing system for disciplining employees at your workplace. They are incredibly easy to use and in this article, we will show you how. So let’s begin.

How to Use Corrective Action Plan Template spreadsheet

The first thing that we are going to do is make sure that we have the correct software installed on our computer. If you want to use one of these Microsoft Excel templates then you must have a copy of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. Go to the search bar at the bottom of your Windows computer and type in Excel it should pop up if it is installed on the computer. Open up the application to double-check that it is in working order. Once the application has opened up we can go ahead and download the corrective action plan template.

After the file has downloaded let’s go ahead and open it up. As soon as you open it you will see a number of cells that are ready for you to begin entering information. At the very top of the screen, you will have a section that allows you to put your information and position title. In these cells, you will put your name, the name of the company that you represent, and the name of the department that this information will be pertinent to.

The body of the corrective action plan template spreadsheet is where we are going to put the majority of the information. The first cell will have a place where we can put a corrective action plan case number so that we can go ahead and keep track of this easily. Assign a number to whatever the corrective action plan will be designated. Then we can move on to the rest of the spreadsheet.

The next step will be to put in the findings from the corrective action plan. This is simply where you will place the information regarding whether or not corrective action has been found necessary for the employee in question. You can assign a finding case number to this as well to easily reference it in the future if there ever is a need to do so. We recommend that you assign a finding number to each of the corrective action plans that you have to design so that you can easily sort through them.
Now we can determine whether or not corrective action is warranted in this case. The next cell will have a place where you can place information regarding the necessity of corrective action and whether it will be taken or not. If it is found that corrective action is warranted in this example then you can place one of two things. If the employee has already completed their corrective action plans and you can place the data that the completion occurred or if the employee has not already fully completed their corrective action plan then you will put the estimated completion date in the future.

The next step involves the agency response. This is where you will put the information that comes down to you from your higher-ups. In the majority of cases when corrective action is warranted in a company the manager is not the only person who knows. This information is sent up the chain and most likely you will receive a response from the hierarchy regarding if they support the case findings are not. Enter this information into the cell. If they do not fully support it then it will leave a space for you to put in any information about why they disagreed with your decision.

Finally, we have an additional comments section. This is fairly self-explanatory but it gives you a place to put in any information regarding this corrective action plan that was not able to be easily fit into the other categories that we have already completed. Put down anything that you feel is notable enough for this case in order to warrant writing it down in a public record.
The very last part of the action plan template will have space where you can put your contact information as a person who is responsible for managing this corrective action plan. Go ahead and fill out the information with your name, role, address, and contact information. Now you have completed your corrective action plan.

Before you decide that it is ready to print there are a few small things we should take care of to make things easier on you in the future. Save the document by clicking in the top left corner of Excel to bring down the drop-down context menu. One of the options there will be to save the file. Go ahead and save it to your computer so that way you can easily modify it in the future and pull it up in case the paper copy ever gets lost or damaged.

After saving the file we can now print. Before we print double-check and make sure that all of the information you want is going to appear properly by looking at the print preview. Once everything looks perfect go ahead and print it out.

Additional Tips on Corrective Action Plan Template excel

Corrective action plans may not be fun to write but they are necessary for a business to function. This may not be the perfect corrective action plan for you or your business but there are a number of other templates available on our website. Feel free to peruse through our selection and we are sure that you will find something that will fit your situation perfectly. Do not put off taking care of your responsibilities because you feel that it is difficult to organize things. Simply use a corrective action plan spreadsheet.